Thursday, October 24, 2013

Let It Snow Winter Challenge With Polished By Audison!

Hi Y'all! Today I have something to share with you. Starting at the end of November I'll be hosting a Winter Nail Art Challenge with Polished By Audison which I'm posting about now so that we all have a chance to get a head start on the themes! 

You're going to need to click on the image to see it full size and be able to read all the themes, but for easier reading, I'll be listing them all here in the post as well. 

The theme is a Winter one for the challenge. We were trying to think of things that you see in winter, hence some of the themes, some of them are also more general generic themes as well that you can do with as you please and make into a winter time color scheme on them. Or you know, do something bright and summery if you'd like. There really aren't any rules here but it gives you a little bit of inspiration!

The dates and challenge dates will be listed below. If anyone has any questions about the challenge or a certain theme, feel free to ask away! You can find inlinkz codes for each day posted here as well.

Nov. 25th  Thanksgiving
Nov. 29th Gradient
Dec. 2nd Penguins
Dec. 6th Galaxies
Dec. 9th Owls
Dec. 13th Winter Flowers
Dec. 16th Water Marble
Dec. 20th Candy Canes
Dec. 23rd Christmas
Dec. 30th New years!
Jan. 3rd Snow Flakes
Jan. 6th Snowman
Jan. 10th Snow Leopard
Jan. 13th Stripes
Jan. 17th Winter Hats/Mittens/Scarfs
Jan. 20th Dots
Jan. 24th Igloo
Jan. 27th Tribal
Jan. 31st Half moons
Feb. 3rd Butterfly/Fairy Wings
Feb. 7th Re-create Your Favorite Day
Feb. 10th Re-create Your Favorite From Another Blogger


  1. Super excited! Cant wait for it to get started.

    1. Me too! I'm gonna get started on getting ahead soon :D

  2. Sounds Awesome. I would love to do this.

  3. I ll try my best :-)


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