Friday, November 29, 2013

Let It Snow Challenge; Gradient

Hi y'all! Second day of the Let It Snow Winter Challenge and I'm actually really happy with how these turned out! The Theme was gradient and I wanted something soft, subtle, and wintery to go alone with the challenge. I think I got just that. 

I used a nude ( Wet N Wild 2% milk ), A light gray, ( LA Colors Lost Soul ), and a white (Wet N Wild A Blank Canvas ). and then I topped it all off with Kilox Opulent Top Coat and it came out really nice! a subtle gradient effect and the colors blended really well together! I have a tutorial on gradients here if anyone would like to check that out as well. 

Check out the links below to view everyone elses Gradient's for the challenge as well as the rest of the upcoming themes! 


  1. I love these. Definitely turned out better than mine. Mine ended up almost bright and summery lol


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