Sunday, March 2, 2014

Meet Valentina!

 Hi y'all! I just wanted to introduce you all to Valentina! Her first bunday feature here on the blog! It almost doesn't feel right because it was Foofy's day on the blog, She also gets called Foofy a lot and looks at me like I'm crazy. But, there is no way Foofy could ever be replaced, but I can help out another poor little baby that needs a home and lots of loves and attention, and this little girlie is the sweetest ever. Click through the jump to see more of her, but be warned it's pic heavy. 

 Little Valentina has been with me for a little over a week now, she was adopted last Saturday from the Bunny Burrow Rabbit Rescue. You should go go like their page, they're awesome peoples. Valentina here, was a stray bun found running loose in the area and the rescue took her in. She's the sweetest little bunny you'd ever meet, She just loves people and attention. 

 Did I mention she loves people and attention? Because she does! The first day after we got home with her, the car ride had her a little freaked out, and plus being in a new place, it took her 'til the evening time to warm up to us a little bit and start settling in, but by the next day she was a sweet spoiled little thing! 

This little girlie comes running anytime I come into the room, and she's a huuuge lap bunny. (I mean that in the since that she loves being in my lap, She's not a big bunny at all) She's a Californian mix with ruby eyes. And she's just adorable. She jumps up in my lap while I'm at the computer (Actually, I wrote most of this post with her in my lap.) and if I lay down in bed she comes running to lay with me and get head rub and i just looves her little personality.

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