Monday, May 19, 2014

GUEST POST: Gold and Purple Studs

Hello All! I'm Amy and I blog over at The Fancy Side. I'm so happy Katherine is having me on her corner of the internet today. We belong to the same polish bloggers group on FB and she recently asked for guest posters. I love making new friends, so here I am! If you don't know me, I'm a midwestern girl who has recently relocated to the Big Apple. It's a crazy city but my little family and I like it. ;-)

For the look I created for you all, I started with a base of OPI Dutch Ya' Just Love OPI? This is a beautiful dark berry purple polish that is filled with the most amazing copper shimmer. That shimmer was hard to capture, but it's amazing out in the sun light.

Then I got crazy with it! I busted out the striping tape and created a beautiful 'X' design on my ring finger. I polished over it quickly with OPI Love.Angel.Music.Baby, a beautiful satin finish gold. It's to die for. Then on my thumb, pointer, and pinky I placed square gold studs at the top. On my middle finger, I did 3 going down the nail. I purposely placed them off center, because I wanted them to contrast the sharp angles of my accent nail.

I hope you all enjoyed the design I created for you. It sure was fun for me to do.

Katherine, thanks for having me! Come visit me sometime! You can find me at The Fancy Side, Instagram @Fancysidenails, Twitter  @fancysidenails, or Facebook!


  1. That's a pretty purple! Love the gold details you added to it, it works :)

  2. WOWzers! Stunning!!!!!


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