Thursday, June 12, 2014

Three shades from the Sally Hansen Rio Collection

Hi y'all! I have the rest of the polishes I received to share with you all today. Today I have three of the eight shades from the Sally Hansen Rio Collection which should be out now. These are all matte glitter toppers in various colors inspired by the Brazil city of Rio. They are all such pretty colors and combinations as well! 

 To start off we have Beach Ball which is a clear base with hex matte red, white, and blue glitters. I really wish these polishes were packed with more of the glitters to get more onto the nail, but I still love them as is. This color really reminds me of something for the 4th of July, so it'd be perfect for your july 4th Manis! These were a bit tricky to apply, there's quite a bit of clear base compared to the glitter and you have to do a lot of dabbing to get even glitter coverage on the nail and it ends up getting pretty thick on the nail if you don't do it just right, but I think the result is worth the trouble. This is just one coat over NYC Amazon Green and no top coat. 

 The second one I have to show you is called Fiesta, it has the same glitters as the first but it has red, black, and white. It had all of the same issues with application and getting it on evenly as the first but I really love the color combination. In fact, I have a think for black glitter in general paired with any other colors. This is two coats shown over NYC Jacaranda Flower with no top coat. 

Last but definitely not least, because I reallly reallllly love the color of this one, we have Splash a matte hex glitter topper in a clear base with Blue, light blue, and white glitter. Again, same application issues as the first too, but worth it in my opinion. The colors are so so cute together. This is one coat shown over NYC Tropicoral with no top coat. 

Hope you all enjoyed these as much as I did playing with them! Let me know what you thought in the comments below!

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