Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Four Shades From the NYC City Samba collection!

Hi y'all! I have some nail polish to show you all from some new summer collections! Looved playing with these. Today I have the NYC polishes from the new City Samba Collection, and tomorrow I'll be posting the Sally Hansen Rio Collection Polishes. These colors were so pretty and I really hope you all like them as much as I did! 

 First up we have Amazon Green a frosty finish blue-green color. It really reminds me of a Cyan Blue. This shot I had to get in direct sun to get the closest to true color on it. My camera hates me lately and these bright colors, it doesn't love as much as I do. One thing I wish was different about this color is the finish, I wish it were just a shimmer, or even a plain ol' creme as the frosty finish I don't really like and it shows brush strokes. Which, it was really brush stroke-y with the first coat, by the second it worked itself out and didn't look as bad. This is two coats with no top coat. 

 Here we have Jacaranda Flower which is much more purple I think in person, my camera kept wanting to pick it up as blue. I really need to do something about that thing, huh? But anyways. This one I believe was a bit more of a crelly but it was opaque in just two coats. It went on easily and super smooth. I really liked the color a lot too but I don't think it agrees with my skin tone. This polish was also SO SO shiny, this is fully dry and no top coat and it shines like it's still wet. This is two coats shown with no top coat. 
 This one I think was my favorite of the colors I received. Palm On The Beach is a really pretty green. I don't even know how to explain the green color, but it is pretty true to life in the photos (For once. High Five camera) and I just love it so much (I kept it on actually) It's a true creme color and applied even and smooth without any problems at all. This is just two coats shown with no top coat. 
This one I had the most trouble getting a picture of. Let me just say, the color you see in the bottle is much closer to the real color than the nails, but even that is much more pink than it is in real life. Tropicoral is a pink leaning coral, Yes, it is pink leaning, but no, it's not pink. Think like a salmon color. It's so bright though and my camera had a fit. This one applied even and smooth with no issues at all. This is two coats shown with no top coat. 

Hope you all enjoyed! Let me know what you thought in the comments below and don't forget to check back tomorrow for some new Sally Hansen polishes!

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  1. There cremes are very nice. I haven't tried a lot of colors from this brand but I'll have to look into picking some more up.


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