Thursday, July 3, 2014

Mickey Mouse Pictorial

Hi y'all! So I have another post for you all today! Some Mickey and Minnie Mouse nail art! This is one I actually did quite some time ago and wasn't actually going to share here on the blog as I just wasn't all that happy with how it actually turned out, and plus, it took me a while to remember the pictures were just sitting on my computer waiting to be edited and turned into a blog post, so I ended up just posting it on the facebook page and being done with it. But I recently got a request for a tutorial for them so I thought I'd go ahead and share here when I did that! So here you go! And we should probably go ahead and get on with said tutorial which will be in pictorial form. I'm not good with videos so it'll have to do! 

I used wet n wild wild shine protective base coat and two coats of LA Color Whipped To start, but use whatever base color you'd like to start with! I also do all my nail art with acrylic paint but feel free to use polish instead, they'll both work just as well, I just find acrylic paints easier to work with. 

1) start with the basic shape of the mouses head. Make a half circle at the edge of the nail and then two full circles connected to it for the ears, and you have a Micky Mouse head shape! 

2) Use a flesh toned color and make the shape of the face. I start by making a heart like shape at the top and then making a odd long shaped oval at the bottom. Then fill all of that in. 

3) Make the basic layout of the face with the black and a detail brush. You can go back over it with the flesh color if you need to to cover mistakes and keep going back and forth til it looks the way you like. 

4) Fill in the eyes with white, leaving a little bit of black showing as an outline and then add dots in the center of the white to make his pupils. 

**At this point, if making Micky Mouse, you're done with him, top coat and leave it. For Minnie Mouse, follow the last two steps as well** 

5) Add in some eyelashes and the pink bow. Make a dot in between her ears, right above her head and draw two triangles coming out of the dot on either side to get the shape of the bow and then add some white dots. 

6) Add your favorite top coat to seal it all in and you're done! Also note if using acrylic paint, or for bumpier designs from the different layers of polish, two coats of top coat may be needed to smooth everything out. 

Hope you all enjoyed! Let me know if there's anything you'd like to see in future blog posts in the comments below! 

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