Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Watermelon nail art

 Hi ya'll! I have some more cute fruit nail art for you all right now! This time I did some watermelon nail art! I loved how these came out so much and they were just so so cute! 

Something else I wanted to share with these as well. I recently went to Dollar General hoping to get some new LA Colors polishes. Sadly, those were gone, (Or possibly moved? I'll have to look through the store better next time) and they were replaced with a new brand. Broadway Nails High Shine Nail Polish. They were also only $1 each so I thought, why not try a few? WELP! while, I haven't tried the colors I got yet, I have tried the base coat I grabbed (Who can resist a $1 basecoat that might actually possibly work?) and I LOVE it. When I did this Mani on a Monday, I left my right hand with just the base color, Basecoat under it, and NO top coat. Normally, even with my wet n wild base coat of choice, this means it chips quickly, but not this time! The broadway nails basecoat kept it in place with one very minor tip wear until I took it off that same Friday. Awesome right? RIGHT! Now, we'll get to the actual nail art, aha. 

For these nails, I started off with my base coat, and two coats of NYC Tropicoral which actually showed up much closer to the real color in these pics than in my swatch of it. Does top coat make a difference in how a color shows on camera? Or maybe it was just the other colors next to it helped pick it up right? I have no clue. ANYWAYS. Once my base color was dry, I used green acrylic paint and a wide flat paint brush to paint on a french tip. Then I put a line of white with a striper right above the green. The final touch was adding a few little tear drop shapes in black along the edge of the french tip to get the full watermelon look. You can skip the lighter green if you'd like. If not, I just mixed a little white with my green paint, and made jagged lines along the tip, leaving space for lines of the darker green to show though. 

Hope you enjoyed these nails! Let me know what you thought in the comments below! 


  1. Such cute watermelon nails! Makes me crave some watermelon now.


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