Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Beach scene nails!

 Hi y'all! I have some fun beach scene nail art to share with you all today! I had a lot of fun painting these and as you'll notice, my nail shape has changed again. I loved the pointy shape, but I just.. couldn't keep them. I felt like I was going to gauge my eye out with them. Not to mention everytime I went to pet Valentina I was afraid I was going to scratch her or poke her in the eye with them. So I rounded off the point and as they grow out more, I'm going to start working them back into squares. I think that's the best shape for me but I'm definitely hating these rounded nails :( anyways, click through the jump to see more of this nail look! 

Soo for these I started off with a base of Wet N Wild Wild Shine Teal Slowly and See and then I used a tooooon of acrylic paint colors to do all of the details. 

The first thing was a sky blue to white gradient done with acrylic paints and a make up sponge. It was apparently a pointless step though as you can't even see any part of the gradient any more, haha. Second was various shades of light gray to make the clouds, and a tiny bit of white to highlight them as well. 

Next were greens, dark green to make the trees/island/whatever you want to call that off in the distance. Then I used a couple lighter shades to add some depth and make them look a little better. Then for the water, I used my turquoise acrylic paint, mixed with a little bit of white and my sky blue acrylic blue until I got the color I wanted for the water, then added a little more white to make a highlight shade, then a little MORE white for the details or 'waves' if you will, and then a little white as well to add a little more. I think the water was my best feature in this mani. I love how it came out. 

For the sand, I used a flesh tone and added a little more yellow to it to get the sandy golden color, then to that, added a tiny little bit of black to get a slightly darker shade to add a little something more and for the sand castle. I added even more black to that until I got the shade I wanted for the trunk of the palm tree, and then I used a grassy green for the leaves of the palm tree, plus a tiny bit darker shade to add some more depth to the leaves. 

Then I used red, purple, and black to make the starfish, crab, and dolphin. Overall I was really happy with how this turned out, as someone with no drawing/painting skills whatsoever when it comes to doing things like this one paper, I'm always super excited to see how things like this come out so awesome on my nails. 

Anyways! Hope you guys enjoyed this! Let me know what you thought in the comments below! 


  1. I wish... I really wish that someday in the future I could do nail art. I am so goofy!

  2. This makes me want to go to the beach now!

  3. Wow, awesome design!


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