Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Lemon and Orange Slice Nails!

 Hi y'all! More nail art to share wit you all and I finally used those Broadway Nails nail polished I bought a little bit ago. They were sort of perfect for this! Super bright and summery, and yes, the green looks almost like it glows in real life too. It's just so pretty and bright and I love it. These are part of my fruit nails, orange and lemon slices and I was just so happy with them! Click through the jump to see more! 

I started with my broadway nails base coat, which I am still loving, by the way, it's just sooo good and only $1. Then I used two coats of Broadway Nails Sunflower (The orange, I'm not sure how that name makes sense, since last I checked.. Sunflowers were yellow.. but you know, I didn't name it so) and Sour Apple (the green) and then I used a detail brush and yellow, orange, and white acrylic paints to make the fruit slice shaped on my nails. 

Hope you all liked this Mani! Let me know what you thought in the comments below!


  1. Such cute lemon and orange slices on the nails!

  2. Lovely - I'm craving an icy lemon drink now!


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