Thursday, August 7, 2014

Neon leopard and zebra print!

 Hi y'all! Hope I didn't blind anyone with this Mani! Lol. They're so bright! I went with some simple leopard nail art with a zebra accent nail for today's look. Animal print of anything is sort of my go to look when I'm feeling stuck with coming up with anything, and these bright colors are just so summery I had to do something with them together. I think I blinded my mom with them though, she was kind of amazed at how bright they were. Though.. she did pick out the colors cause she bought them for me a few days ago. lol. So I'll blame it on her. 

Anyways, click through the jump to see more

 For this look I used LA Colors in Flicker and Mint my mom brought these two colors home a few days ago and I wanted to use them. I already have Flicker but I think the formula has changed? In the bottle the new one looks to have a slight radioactive green tint to it, while the old one i had seems more yellow in the bottle. 

The color in the bottle in the pics is how it looks in real life, yellow, but with a slight hint of green. On the nail though it's full on high lighter yellow. 

I did one coat of Sinful Colors Snow Me White as undies for these, then I added two coats of Flicker on top of that. Mint is just three coats on it's own, no undies. This I used Mint to make spots over Flicker for the leopard design. The black in the design is acrylic paint. 

Hope you all enjoyed! Let me know what you thought in the comments below! 

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  1. So bright these nails are! I like the zebra and leopard print mix too.


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