Thursday, August 14, 2014

Summer tribal nails!

 Hi y'all! I have some super fun neon tribal print nail art for you all today! and something even a little bit crazy! I got bored and changed the shape of my nails. And I say this is crazy because I'm pretty much a creature of habit and change scares me, especially with my nails and considering i'd just gotten them to a length I'd liked. I debated over this for a while, I didn't think I'd like them and then what? I'd have to cut all the length away to get back to my square shape that I know I DO like. Thankfully though, that didn't happen. I debated over them after I did it. Do I like them? Do I hate them? Are they just okay? Well, once I painted them I was much happier with them! They look soooo much better painted than they do as naked nails this way but either way I really really like them and think they're some cute little mini claws. Click through the jump to see more! 

These were mostly done with acrylic paint and a small little nail art brush. The base color is Broadway Nails Sour Apple a really lovely bright neon green. Then for the tribal print I started with the black lines, I didn't have anything specific in mind to be fair, I just took my black paint and just started making the basic outline as I went, whatever I thought would look neat, I threw a line there. After I had the basic pattern laid out, I used a purple, and a yellow to start filling in the basic shapes. After that, I went back over the black lines and added in any final little details like dots, the lines over the colors, etc. I was so excited and happen with how these turned out too! And they looked really fun on the new shape! 

Hope you all enjoyed these nails! Let me know what you thought in the comments below!

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  1. These are so fun and bright! Great tribal nails. Especially like that green you used here.


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