Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Queen + Adam Lambert inspired Mani!

 Hi y'all! I have some more nail art for you all today! This is inspired by the Queen + Adam Lambert tour! I was really sad I didn't get to go to the date in my city because of lack of funds for it when they were here last month, but I was inspired by Adam's tour wardrobe to do some nail art, not to mention his tweet about the color scheme of sorts for the tour. 

Adam is one of my favorite people everr. I love his music, and his voice is so so so amazing, he's literally makes anything sound good. And it's such and amazing and perfect fit for Queens music. It's so crazy how that worked out! Anyways, click through the jump to see more and plus some pics of the inspiration behind them! 

Soo Adam's tweet before the tour even started was something along the lines of "The tour color scheme for those planning your outfits is gold, black leather, leopard print, and cherry red" and he later added "with a touch of zebra print" and of course once the tour started and the pictures and videos started coming in, I knew I'd be doing a nail art theme based on it :D 

Soo this look was done with NYC Black Lace (Index and Pinky) LA Colors Deluxe (Ring finger; Gold) and Festive (Middle finger; Red. Red leopard dots for ring finger) Sinful Colors Black Cherry (darker blackend red for the gradient on the middle finger) and Creations By Lynda Rainbow in the dark (Holo top coat; two coats over the gold) and Midas Mani (Gold flake top coat; over black on the pinky) And the black and white was done with acrylic paint. Also topped them off with the Wet N Wild Matte Top Coat as well because well... it should be leather! And the matte gave that kind of effect. 

The Holo effect on the ring finger was much stronger before it dried (I didn't matte that nail cause of the holo) and even in person it's very subtle except in certain lights and my camera didn't really want to pick it up at all. But I did get the close up in the second picture and if you look closely you can see the slight rainbow effect of the shift in the holo. One day I will learn the trick of holo polishes. One day. 

 The leopard suit and crown. (I tried to do a crown on my thumb. It didn't turn out as planned so I didn't include it.) 
 mmm dem pants.. oh the zebra print. Wish he would have kept the white pants with these. I liked them better lol. 
 more zebra pictures. Just cause I like the picture. He's the cutest. 
 There's no real reason for this one other than I love it. He's nuts and that pose! Those shoes! Fringe sleeves! Eee! He's perfect. Oh I left out, those legs! 
 That jacket was the inspiration for the index fingers. Black leather with gold studs. And again, Adam is perfect.
And this one would be for the red to dark gradient leopard nail. He's still perfect as well. Just saying. and because I have to say it. Those pants! 

Hope you all enjoyed this! I know I did ;) Let me know what you thought in the comments below!

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