Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Creations By Lynda Votive Candle!

Hi y'all! I have something a little different for you all today! It's not nail polish related, or nail related at all to be fair, but I got a candle sample from Creations By Lynda along with some polishes (Which will be up soon as well!) which are new to her shop! 

She sent this neat little votive candle, which is made from soy wax and about 2 oz. It's also scented with pure essential oils! They come in many different scents which you can pick from the candle scent list on her site, and they come in single color/scents, dual color/single scent, or dual color/scent.

Please excuse the image quality. I should have known better not to get more options for pictures to use :( My light box just doesn't cooperate with me anymore. Sigh. Also, I'm not really sure how to review a candle so I'm kinda winging this. 

Anyways, the scent I picked for my candle was Lavender Cucumber Sage. I was actually expecting a more lavender scent to it, but it was more cucumbering than anything and actually smelled really soapy, i don't know how else to explain the smell, but for me, it just wasn't what I was expecting. That was all on me and what I picked though and no fault of the makers. The candle itself was really well made, and burned for quite some time despite it's rather small size, I burned it for several hours, and had I had a holder to put it in, instead of the plate which made it all melt down faster, it would have lasted much longer. 

This candle lists for about $2.75 in Lynda's shop and as I said, come in a variety of scents (Any of the scents available on her shop) and can be single color/scent, dual color/single scent, or dual color/dual scent.

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  1. Nice review on the candle. I'm not a candle burner but this was still great to see.


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