Friday, September 26, 2014

Creations By Lynda Toil and Trouble Duo Review!

** These polishes were sent to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review** 

 Hi y'all! I have these two Creations By Lynda polishes to show you all today! These are from her limited edition Toil and Trouble Halloween duo and I loved them both so much! And no I promise I'm not just saying that ;) These were amazing to work with and the colors were perfect! 

The cost of these polishes are about $10 each or $20 for the set, the price is slightly higher than her polishes normally are due to the linear holographic pigments in them. The set also comes with a separate bag of black cat and orange pumpkin holo glitters.  But lets get started! 

 First up we have Pumpkin Spice Addict Which Lynda describes as "A orange/red jelly polish with gold and orange holographic glitters as well as linear holographic pigment. Can be worn alone, opaque in about 3 coats, or one coat over another color to add a unique effect" 

Now I didn't test the one coat over another color to see what sort of effect you might get. But I did love this color! Myself I don't see red/orange but just a plain pumpkin orange, but boy did it sparkle! I wish my camera would pick up on that better but I did my best in different lighting even to show it the best that I could. It applied even and smooth, and the linear holo effect showed up much more on the nail to me, than it did in the bottle. And I promise, the linear effect is also much more noticeable in person than in these pictures. This is three coats shown with one coat of Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat over it. If you did slightly thicker coats you could probably get away with just two coats, but I like my coats thinner for best dry time. 

picture blurred on purpose to show sparkle! 

 Second we have Spellbound which Lynda describes as "A black crelly/creme polish with a purple, yellow, green, and blue shifting pigment as well as linear holographic pigment." 

This color is so so pretty. My first thought when I seen it was that it's be perfect as a galaxy nail background! I'm not sure I really noticed the shifting pigments in this polish, maybe the linear holo hid the effect a bit, or maybe I didn't look at it in the right light to get it. I did like that it looked slightly different in different lights. In the first picture it was mostly in the shade, and it looking more like it just had a slight silver shimmer to it, which was really pretty, but then in the sunlight, the holo really comes out! Again, this is much more linear in person than it looks in the pictures. Also, I really like that the glitters come separate from the polish so you can choose whether you want them or not on the nail. Cause while I love love love larger glitters and the shapes like these pumpkins, my nails are just much too narrow and curved for them to work with my nails. This polish was definitely a mix between a crelly and a creme though, it was much more opaque than most crelly's but just a tad less opaque than a creme normally is. This is still only two coats shown with one coat of Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat. 
Picture left slightly blurred on purpose once again to show the sparkle. 

Hope you all enjoyed these polishes as much as I did! Let me know what you thought in the comments below and con't forget to check out Creations by Lynda's shop at the links below!

These polishes are available to grab now through the month of October, so grab them while you can!
Creations by Lynda Shop | Creations by Lynda Facebook

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  1. Both are nice colors for Halloween. Wonderful swatches and review on them.


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