Thursday, September 11, 2014

Funky french tip with retro(?) dots!

 Hi y'all! So I have some more fun nail art for you all today! My mom came home from walgreens with two new wet n wild polishes for me and I just HAD to use them both. This is what just popped into my head. A funky french tip with some retro-ish black and white dots going along the tip and up along one side. Really loved how these turned out! 

Funny story as well, this will post a little while after this happened but still. So I had to go to the feed store to get stuff for my bunbun and as I open the door to go in, this guy's walking out, totally normal right? Right. Except I look up and he has a squirrel sitting on his shoulder. Totally tamed, and leashed squirrel, just you know, hanging out on his shoulder. Totally not something you see very often and so so neat to see up close! I got to pet her and everything. And now I totally want a pet squirrel. But enough of that. Continue on for more NAILS! lol. 
So! I started with my base coat and then I used Wet n Wild Ferris-Wheel Romance (Pink) and Chambray Showers (Blue) to make the french tip on my nail. I didn't bother making them perfect, I was jsut planning on covering them with dots. Then I grabbed my black and white and black acrylic paints and my trusty dotting tool and started dotting away until I get them to look just how I wanted! Loved this look so much!

Hope you all enjoyed them as much as I did! Let me know what you thought in the comments below! 


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