Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween skittle nails!

**Sent free of charge from Sally Hansen for halloween posts!*
Hi ya'll! Today I have a skittle Halloween look to share with you all! I was sent several goodies from Sally Hansen and NYC for the Halloween season. I'll share a few thoughts on them as well as I loved them all! (Or well most of them) 

First up is the orange I used as a base on several fingers. Sally Hansen Instadri in Pumpkin Queen the formula on this one was amazing! It went on smooth and covered well in just two thin coats. It was also completely dry by time I finished the second hand! 

Second up, over the orange on the thumb is NYC's Rock Muse Smokey top coat. While I looove the idea of these smokey top coats. (Sally Hansen has one now too, correct?) I didn't like that this one had glitter in it. It kinda took away from the smokey effect it's suppose to have, right? At least for me it did. Sooo total bust on that one. Without the glitter it would have been perfect. If you like the glitter in it? Grab it. It did what it was suppose to. 

On the index finger is the Big Glitter Top Coat in Costume glitter by Sally Hansen. I put on two coats over black. Those are two rather thin coats as well and as you can see there is LOTS of coverage. You could probably add a third coat and get nearly full coverage from this glitter if you would like. Or use the sponge method which I still need to try on glitter polishes because I haven't yet! Anyways, if you love glitter, I would totally recommend grabbing this one if you can. There's another one too that has a gold glitter in it. I forget the name though. 

On the middle finger we have Sally Hansens Salon Effects Nail Stickers. The ones I received were called Skull and Crossbones and they are just the cutest and more sparkly little skulls ever! I love the look of them. I'll admit, I was iffy on using them, afraid I'd mess them up. I've never used a nail sticker before. (I also have a set of those real nail polish nail strips from Sally Hansen I have yet to try) But these were super easy to use! Just peel them off, line them up on the nail, and stick them on! Might have to stretch and pull in places a little bit to get out wrinkles and make them fit just right. Just fold the excess over the nail edge and file it off! Easy! I wouldn't recommend these if you're planning on them stayed for some time. I put top coat around the edges of mine like it recommends on the package for longer where, but I still only got about two days out of them. So if you want something cute and quick for a party or other special occasion? These are perfect! But for long term wear, I would skip them. 

Last up, but certainly not least, The pinky! The pinky is a base of the orange and two coats of Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat in Fur-ankenstein and I loooove it! I love the fuzzy coats so much! I love how much coverage they give! So when I was offered the new Halloween ones I jumped at the chance to try them! There was one other in the set (something witch? was the name? I don't remember now.) and both looked amazing! This is the one I was sent though, and it's little yellow-green and black short bar glitters and looked amazing. Seriously, awesome move making fuzzy coats for Halloween! 

Hope you all enjoyed this post! Let me know what you thought in the comments below!  

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