Thursday, April 9, 2015

Born Pretty Store Nail art Charms!

Hi y'all! I have some more items from born pretty store to share with you all today! These items were sent to me free of charge in exchange for a review! 

I have a couple of cute little nail charms for you all today and I looooved them! They are so cute and totally reuseable! Go ahead and follow the jump to see more pictures and more about these items! 

This is the spider charm. I did something with each charm type to show you size and the way they look on the nail. It just did a quick base color of LA Colors Lost Soul under these. Love the pink rhinestones on the spiders body! 

 And the Eiffel tower charm! I got a little more carried away with this mani. 

I used Wet N Wild Tickled Pink and the black and white is acrylic paint. 

Now lets get into how these worked. The website says to apply onto tacky polish and then top with top coat. I definitely didn't do this and don't recommend it. They are reuseable if you don't! 

All I did was paint my nails as normal and then when I put on the top coat, I stuck this on top of it while the top coat was still wet and let it dry into it. No top coat over it. You could also use a dab of nail glue to stick them on, but I didn't have any and also was just going to wear it long enough to get this picture. I imagine they would probably last longer with the glue, but the top coat would likely work well enough for a special occasion or event for a couple hours. 

They were so easy to  stick on too! They're just the right size that they were easy to pick up and place where they were wanted and they are shaped to the nail well. Before getting these you might also want to consider the length of your nails, the spider wouldn't be a problem on short nails, but the Eiffel tower might! Over all I would recommend these if you like having charms on your nails though! 

You can get the spider right here, it sells for $2.70, comes in three colors to pick from, and there are two in a pack. 

The Eiffel tower is right here, it also comes two in a pack, sells for $2.66, and has two colors to pick from! 

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you thought in the comments below!! 

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