Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Born Pretty Store Nail Art Pen!

 Hi y'all! I have some more of the Born Pretty Store products that I received to review today! And this fun doodle-y nail art. I was soooo excited about this product when I seen it that it was one of the first ones I decided to pick to review, and since it works AMAZINGLY I just might grab a few more when I get a few dollars to spare. 

So the Item I have for you today is this nail art pen! It was really fun to play with, but I couldn't think of anything too creative or specific to put on my nails with it so I just did these random doodles over Wet N Wild Ebony Hates Chris and then topped it off with Wet N Wild's matte top coat. 

The pen worked wonderfully! I actually didn't pay much attention when picking it so I was expecting it to be polish, but it's not at all. It's a water based paint. I don't think it's acrylic paint? It doesn't seem quite the same as an acrylic paint but I might be wrong. It's really sheer and kinda watery, so that part was a bit of a disappointment, though it's not a huge deal (at least for me) as it dries super quick and with another coat or two shows up fine! 

It's pretty easy to use, as it says on the pen, you just shake it, (The more the better as it seems to be even more sheer and watery if you don't shake it enough) and then you press on the tip on a sheet of paper to pump out the paint. On the first use it took several pumps in order for the paint to come out, but after that just once or twice is enough. And once the paint is pumped out, it should be enough to do you're mani and then some without pumping anymore after that. This stuff goes a long way. 

Make sure you're nails are COMPLETELY dry before using this. If it's even a little bit tacky the pen won't move smoothly over the polish and even messes it up. These are great for those of you that are better at doing art type things with a marker or pen/pencil though! If you are good with that but suck with a brush and paint, then definitely give these a try! 

You can get them right here, they run about $5.99 each, and there are sixteen different colors in all! 

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  1. Great review on the nail art pen. Its good to see that it worked so well for you too.


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