Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Marbles for Polish Sweet Tooth Collection!

 Hi y'all! I have some super cute polishes to share with you all today! I got these Marbles for Polish polishes sent to me to review! I was so excited to get this, they're neon AND Holo, I love all that bright and sparkly-ness in them. Perfect for summer! Unfortunetly it took me a few days to get around to playing with them due to Mister Sun hiding his head in the clouds. I am getting so tired of rain and storms. But anyways, lets get on to the review! 

First up is Blue Razz Slush which was my favorite to wear. I love the way it looked with my skin tone, but of course, I feel that way about many many blues, it's just a good color for me. ANYWAYS. This polish applied super smooth and awesome, and for neons, let me just say, these are SUPER opaque instead of the usual jelly-ish sheerness most neons have. These are all Linear holo polishes as well, and I really wish I could get me camera to pick up that rainbow effect holos get. You can see it on the bottle though, just not the nail. This is two coats shown with top coat. 
Blue Razz Slush
Trying something new with a couple of these! I thought a little video or .gif would show the sparkle a little better and tada! It does! 

Next up I have Grape Slice which again is a lovely neon purple holo color. This was the one I was actually least excited about from looking at the bottle, but it looked a lot different once on the nail and I fell in love with it. Again you can see that rainbow linear effect on the bottle, but not on the nail, but I promise you it's there and perfect! This one applied smooth and dried quickly. It was a little sheer on the first coat but was fully opaque on the second coat. This is two coats shown with top coat.
Grape Slice

 Here we have Lemon Drop which was a bit of a disappointment to me. More so because of the color than anything, it applied just as smoothly and easily as the others, and had a quick dry time. My initial reaction when I got it and seen the bottle was an 'eh' because it looks grayed out in the bottle, but I held any final judgements until I had it on my nails because some polishes just look better that way right? On the nail it didn't look much better. In the shade it looked more like a light olive green than a yellow, and in the sun it still looked grayed out. Here in the picture it looked like a bright highlighter yellow with a hint of green, but the index finger is closer to what it actually looked like. I think it's the holo pigment used that's graying it out and making it have that not quite as bright and yellow look to it. I was really looking forward to this one, I love neon yellows the best, they're always the brightest, but this one didn't have quite that effect on me. This is two coats shown, both on it's own on the index and pinky, and over white on the middle finger, all top coated. As you see adding white doesn't make a huge difference. This one had the typical slightly matte finish of most neons. 
 This one is called Orange Twist and it came out a bit darker on the nail than it did on in the bottle. I wasn't really too excited about this one, red/oranges don't do good things against my pale redhead skin, haha. Over all it was a really pretty color though. It applied smooth and dried quickly. The linear holo effect was well seen throughout the polish as well. It's shown over white on the middle finger, which again made no difference, the other is two coats on it's own, all top coated. This also has the slightly matte finish when dry. 
My favorite of the colors! Sour Apple Pop which is a bright perfect green. I LOVE this shade of green, that bright slime, venom-y color of it is just amaaazing. I also, just like blue tones, LOVE green shades against my skin, they are amazing. This was easy and smooth to apply and also dried quickly, and I felt like had the most obvious holo throughout of the brighter colors. I couldn't get a clear rainbow effect to be picked up by my camera though, sadly. This is two coats shown with top coat. 
Sour Apple Pop
This was the first failed attempt at BOTH video and .gif making. First off, I rarely use the video feature of my camera so I forgot to check the settings were right, as you see? They were not correct. Then I tried taking screen shots and stringing them together for the .gif, which also, did not work well. Thankfully I discovered photoshop has an option to import the video itself and create the animation from it, haha. 

Last but certainly not least, we have Watermelon Fizz which is showing here more red than it actually is. It's actually... almost the exact color of a watermelon. That's literally exactly what it reminded me of, so the name is spot of and hence the nail art I did with it. This one appled smooth and even, and had that very visible holo throughout it. It also had a slight matte finish when dry like some of the others and had a pretty quick dry time as well. This is two coats shown with top coat. There is white underneath on the ring finger, but it made no difference. 

You can grab this entire collection or just a few of the colors right here if you would like to! 

Thanks for reading and let me know what you thought in the comments below!

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  1. Those are some gorgeous colors. I like the nail art you did with them too.


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