Wednesday, May 13, 2015

born pretty store stamping plate L010

Hi y'all! I have another review for you all today! This is another stamping plate from born pretty store, which I was sent free of charge to review! This is stamping plate L010 and it's an aztec pattern/themed plate. This was also so much fun to play with! Please ignore the wonky looking middle finger nail. It broke and I did acrylic to fix it until it grows out. It looked much better before I painted it! I think i've fixed it up not though. 

Anyway, to the stamping plate! For this look, I used LA Colors La Creme for my base color. Also the native american head on the right finger, I painted with acrylic paints. I left the image on my stamper, filled in the feathers. Let the paint dry then put a clear coat over it and used it like a decal. It's my favorite part of this mani! 

You can see the crooked pattern on my ring finger. One of the reasons I HATE stamping. I can never do it right, haha. The stamping plate itself worked really well though! I had no problem at all picking up the images, unless like my pinky. I scraped the polish away too hard and pulled away too much. My own fault, not the plates. The images on this one were really cute too. I actually picked it because of the tribal prints with the elephants and giraffe silhouettes in it but the rest were an awesome bonus as well! 

And my dad is really into history and the native americans. Religion and culture, stuff like that. So he was even excited about my nails when I showed him these! 

If you like this plate you can grab it right here. It sells for about $5.99

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