Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Rose nail practice, and I'm back! Again!

Hi y'all! I'm back again! I'm so sorry I disappeared but I guess life happened. I've been hard at work on my school because I am determined to get my diploma so I can go to school to be a nail tech. DETERMINED. There's also been some stuff that's happened in the last couple months that's made things a little crazy. But I sat down tonight and decided to practice some roses because I was bored and it's something I need to work on, so I thought I'd share it here. I'll show some more and explain a little more about where I've been after the jump! 

So,  the picture to the left is from my phone. It shows the sparkle from my metallic paint on the roses better than my camera did and I thought they looked really pretty with that little highlight of sparkle to them. 

But, so first things first. Where have I been? Well I think I mentioned on here before that my dad had lost his job about a year ago, and he had trouble finding work. So when unemployment ran out and we were literally facing being homeless soon, we packed up the car and moved from Texas to Michigan to stay with an aunt here. It's been a little crazy staying with her. She's super nice and been trying to help us any way that she can, but she has a little two bedroom trailer, so it's been pretty crowded there. Which made it hard for me to blog because I HATE people standing over my shoulders watching what I'm doing, so I've stuck to pretty much doing school work and only school work. Thankfully we've just gotten our own apartment so now everyone has their own space to get away from each other if needed, but I've been busy the last week our so helping get everything together for that as we've only been moved in about a week. 

On top of that, we left my mom's dog back in Texas with my sister. He was nearly 14 years old and we didn't think he'd be able to handle a 1200 mile drive. He didn't make it too long without us though either, he passed away around thanksgiving. Sister had him cremated and sent him back to us, so that was hard to deal with.

Then there was worse news a couple months ago when there was an accident which resulted in my sister passing away, which meant an unexpected trip back to Texas, with no idea how we were going to get there or even how long we'd be staying, or how we'd get back. We have some pretty great family that helped us out though and made sure we were there for my sister. But that's all been super hard to deal with. Everyone just doesn't know what to do, or think about it. It doesn't even seem real still. Like I could just call or text her and she'll answer like nothing ever happened.. but that's not the case. But now that I've dropped all that depressing news on everyone.. lets just move on to the nails. 
 I just wanted to try a couple different designs with roses. These are on some french tip falsies that I bought for practicing. My actual nails are sort of a mess right now so until they sort themselves out, I'll just be sharing some stuff like this. I also need to figure out the best place to take pictures here for the best lighting so excuse the poor quality. 

The base on these is LA Colors Meadow and the rest is acrylic paint, which I did with a small detail brush. It was actually super fun and they came out much better than I expected! 

Same thing here, I used an LA Colors Mini white, (they don't have names on them but I assume it's the same as whatever their white is called? I don't remember the name cause I don't have theirs.) And the stripes and roses are done with acrylic paint. Again super fun and cute and came out so much better than I thought they would. 

I hope you all enjoyed and thanks for reading! If you made it this far that is..

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