Wednesday, November 13, 2013

kkcenterhk review; stamper and brush set

 Hi y'all! I have a little bit of a review for you today! I haven't been around this month much but I'm getting ready for my challenge with Polished By Audison starting at the end of the month, so I'll be posting plenty soon! Anyways, I have two more items from kkcenterhk today, a stamp, and a brush set. 
 this is the 7-brush set that they sent me to try out and you can get one for yourself here
 This is the stamp I got. it's a little different than your usual stamping plate and stamper, it's basically the plate and stamper all in one. You can get one for yourself if you'd like here
and this is the look I did with the two items. Only three fingers shown cause I messed up my index finger reaching for the camera and I'm lazy and didn't want to redo it. The stamper is so so so much easier to use than the usual stamping plates for me. (I still need some practice with it though, there was smearing on a bit of it and then the top coat smeared it a little too) but it's also a little bit quicker if you as me as it takes out the extra step of scrapping and stamping it onto the stamper and then onto the nail. You can just wipe the excess polish off on a piece of paper and then stamp onto the nail. I might have to play with this a little more to see what I can do with it. The only downside is the whole size of the stamper is smaller than most stamping plates and the images are really small, so most people probably aren't going to find full nail images on these that fit their nails. 

Now, on to the brushes. I LOOOVE these brushes. I only used one of the smallest ones in the set, but to be fair the two super tiny little detail ones will probably be the only ones I actually use, or at least the ones I use the most. They worked super well and easy, and they're smaller than most 'nail art' brushes I've seen. I think they really are actually meant for doing nail art as they're THAT tiny and I love it. I can't wait to try these out for more looks. Also, on the website on the item page, it says not to use acetone or polish remover on these brushes, to be fair, if you use only polish for your art, I don't think thats going to be possible, I use mostly acrlyic paints, so it probably could work for me, but even then, I find polish remover is a must to really get them clean. I usually use my polish remover pads from LA Colors to clean my brushes. 


  1. My top coat smears the stamping image polish all the time, unless I wait 24 hours before applying the top coat. By then, I lose patience with the mani and want to wear something else lol. I found this blog from the Facebook group page for beauty bloggers and thought I'd share some of my (horrible and amateur) manicures with you - - not leaving the active link so as not to spam :)

  2. I really need to practice stamping. I love the look of it!


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