Tuesday, September 11, 2012

fimo cane sticks!

so a while ago i ordered these canes and a couple weeks ago they finally came in the mail. Then, i took my time getting them all sliced before I even started to take pictures and put this post together, but here it is!

it had lots of different designs in the 50 canes, though they were much much smaller than i imagined they'd be. the canes weren't as long as i thought they would be, and some of the designs were tiiiiiny  like, so so small. also, some of the canes were easier to cut than others, i used an exacto knife to slice them. some canes were really soft and easy and i could just slice right through them no problem, others i had to actually slow down and try to make it through them, something to keep in mind when looking for canes for yourself.

we're gonna go ahead and put the rest of the pics under a cut-link cause it's pic heavy, soo click the link below to see the rest. 

i'm sure you can see all the little designs and tell what they are without me telling you, some of them, i can't even tell for sure what they are myself though. 

and the next pictures are you show you all of the slices in their little storage bin thing so you can see just how much i got out of them. you could probably get more, or less even, depending on how then you slice them and how many slices turn out as full slices (i had several get crooked or slice weird and only turn out half a slice)

and as you can probably see, this is the container i'm keeping them in. it's just a bead storage case with different little compartments in it to keep the different designs seperate. 

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