Thursday, September 13, 2012

just a quick note..

so, yesterday, i'm playing on my computer, was even playing my sims and getting on with my reid family, then late yesterday afternoon, my computer locks up and won't do anything, so i just turn it off, and when i turn it back on. Poof. it just, doesn't boot. i fought with it, tried safe mode and every other option, nothing worked, so i got the recovery discs, and well, even that didn't help cause it wouldn't boot from the disc. So, i had to get help, and finally we got it to boot from the disc. 

the restore without erasing data didn't work though, kept telling me there was no data which was bull, but whatever. so i had to completely restore it and lose everything, my sims families, my pictures, everything. SO, i decided i don't really want to mess with sims 3, and trying to install and find all the updates and blah blah blah. And I have sims 2 that I bought... well when it first came out and at the time i realized after i bought it, i didn't have a computer that would run it, and i was sadface over it :( so it went on a shelf and didn't get used much. then when we got new computers finally, and I could run sims 2, sims 3 was out and i would have rather tried that one instead. and.. well my computer barely runs that, esp. with three expansions and stuff packs. 

so, i've installed the sims too, and i'm downloading (shh don't tell anyone) all the expansions for it, and I'm going to make another family there. I just need to find a place to get good CC and skins and stuff for it, and we're good. then I need to make my founder and start a new legacy! hopefully this time my comp won't be a jerk and make me have to lose it all again. 

I'm also stopping on the nail art challenge, I'll still post my nail art and stuff like that, but, I had part of the challenge already done, and the pics on my comp and edited and everything, and hadn't uploaded them to the blog yet, so I lost those too, and I don't wanna have to redo them. So I'll be posting nail stuff still, just gonna give up on the challenges for a while. 

And on top of that, there's no posts scheduled from now til the rest of the weekend except for sunday, I'll try to get something up today, and I'll try to get something up tomorrow before I leave, but tomorrow afternoon/evening I'll be gone til saturday afternoon/evening. I'll try to post something when I get home, but theres no promises on that, I may be too tired. 

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