Wednesday, September 5, 2012

my take on out the door vs. seche vite

soo i just got my second top coat ever. the first was seche vite, and now i've got out the door to try. and by the way, the color i'm wearing in the above picture is sinful colors glass pink and i love it. it's very shimmery and sheer, and simple. and it applies evenly. but that's not the point of this post.

I wanted to compare out the door to seche vite for everyone. and so far for me? the winner is out the door. just opening the bottle alone there was a huuuuge difference in the smell. Seche vite has a much stronger, harsher smell. while it was the only thing i had for a bit, and i dealt to have nice, quick drying nails, the smell gives me a headache. Now out the door? is no different than most other polishes, it still has a smell, but it doesn't seem as strong, much easier to deal with.

Another big big problem I had with seche vite is i would paint my nails, expecting to be good for a week or so at least only to have the nail polish completely peel off 2-3 days later. When I say peel, I mean it wouldn't flake or chip, the whole thing would peel right off and you'd have the nail polish color in your hand in the shape of your nail. With out the door? so far I haven't had that.

Another thing thats a big big pro with out the door, is it doesn't smear my nail art. seche vite did. before, anytime i did nail art, i dreaded putting on my clear coat on top, especially if there was black anywhere in my design, because as soon as the clear coat went on, that would smear and streak right down the nail. So when I got seche vite, I was excited I wouldn't have to worry about that any more. I was wrong, first time I tried, black streaks smeared all down my white part of the design. how frustrating. first time trying out the door with this? No streaking! well, there was a tiny bit on one nail but i think that was my fault so, no streaking!

So, the winner in out the door vs. seche vite for me? Out the door all the way. I still have a bottle of seche vite, i literally almost just bought them both, so both are full bottles, and i'll probably finish them both off, but I won't be buying seche vite again. Out the door though, i'll definitely but again.

this is after about 5 days or so of wear with out the door.. only one chip on my pointer finger, and theres a couple of chips on my middle and ring finger on the other hand.. but thats it, and probably wouldn't have done that had the polish coats been thicker, or maybe with a second coat of out the door. but there was NO peeling, and got a couple more days of wear out of it. so definitely still a win for me.

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