Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mini haul post?

I have a little haul post of sorts. I haven't had much else to post this past month, so I thought this was better than nothing. And I like showing off polishes I get to someone because no one else around me is as excited as I am about it. *sad face*

but anyways, I just got back from the family dollar, and got a few new polishes, a gem set I found, and some lotion. I thought I'd share all of it with you so, click the link below to see what all I got :)

first off is the gem set. I like the little wheel they came in, it doesn't open all the way, just has a little opening that you turn to move it over the gems you want. There's some really cute little ones in there too.
This is everything it came with, it's from LA colors, and I got it at the family dollar store for only $2 which I thought was a pretty good deal.
they had a different one too, maybe I'll get it next time, but it just had a few gems, and a bunch of little shapes that looked like flower petals, meant to be pieced together to make flowers, they were shaped a bit like those teardrop gems there at the top of this pic. not sure exactly what they were made from though as those weren't gems.

next up we have one of the polishes I bought. I love these polishes and the color options I get for  just $1 but I think I'll have to make it to dollar general again soon to see if they have anything new or different. 
The name of this polish is live and it's just a plain silver polish. I put just a tiny bit on the tip of my thumb over whats already there, which is a pretty dark color, and it went on full coverage pretty easy just one little thin swipe of polish so I think I'm gonna love this one a lot.

Next up is another polish, and I think this is going to be another favorite of mine.
palm tree seems to be a cream polish and it's a kinda sea green type color. I don't have any other colors like it, so I really like it. (I also just noticed i forgot to watermark that pic ><)

And the last polish of this haul. I'm gonna get swatches of these up soon. Or try too. Hmm.
sea siren is another very sea like color, but much more blue and it has yellow-green type shimmer to it. There may be blue or even silver shimmer in there too, but it's hard to tell in the bottle. This is another polish I have a feeling I'm going to love as I don't have many blues, and I'm always looking for ones that I think I'll like. I only ever see dark blue, or like, bright or true blues, and I prefer lighter more pastel or sky and baby blues. Maybe a robins egg blue. and I got off track :( Anyways, I'll get swatches of these up sometime, along with all of my other polishes, andd I'll stop rambling about blue polish now.

I was just about out of lotion and I like to keep it around for my hands. But, I can hardly find hand lotion or if i do, it's greasy, and I hate it being greasy. This? I got for $1, I figured you couldn't beat it for a dollar to at least try and see. And so far? It's pretty awesome. It doesn't have a strong smell, and it seems a little greasy at first but it soaks in quick and then isn't greasy AT ALL. My mom said it reminded her of baby lotion. So I think I'll be trying this again.

now as a bonus, I'm including this. This is just a little plastic 3 compartment basket and seems to be perfect for storing my supplies. I have all my brushes and files and clippers and stuff in that smallest corner space, and I have some nail wheels, acrylic paint, stamping plates and stuff like that in the one next to it. And that biggest one there, I don't know what to do with quite yet, but I'll figure it out.

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