Thursday, February 14, 2013

Flip Flop February day 14: Valentine's day/french tips

Today is day 14 of the challenge, and the theme is french tips or valentines day, and I chose to combine the two sort of. I really wanted to do french tips, cause I love them. How easy they are and how simple they look. And how much there is to do to them to ~spice up the look a little bit while still keeping that simple, classic look. But now lets get to the nails. Click the link below to see what I've done for today. 

First off, let me just say, I have a huge love/hate relationship with french tips because of the staining on my nails. I like the look of a french on a bare nail better than over another color and because of that, well, my nails look nasty so please ignore the yellowish color on my nails right now. They're stained like crazy, and one of these days i'll get around to buffing and soaking that out but for right now, it's going to have to stay.
But now that that's out of the way. I used wet n wild wild shine  in tickled pink for the french tip and accent nail. I really love this color pink, and love how this look came out too.
For the accent nail, I used a tiny nail art brush and black acrylic paint to write the letters. I think went over it with purple acrylic paint, leaving some of the black showing and used the same purple and a dotting tool to make dots along the lines of the tips. I added a little heart shaped gem to the center of the O and one over one of the dots on each nail. That last step could be skipped though if you've prefer the look without the gems, I just wanted to add a little something extra to it.
close up of the accent nail. I really love how it came out.
these are super cute. Or at least is you ask me. Very good for a valentine look, or even just an everyday look. You could do all french with the dots as well if you'd like to leave the accent nail off. 


  1. These are really cute! Do you do your tips free-hand or using tape? They look perfect!

    1. thank you! i do them free hand and clean up any mistakes with polish remover and a brush.

  2. i didnt even notice the staining until you said - but I have exactly the same issue, I did French Tips for today and apologised for my nails too - but it just doesnt look right with a colour I dont think - have to go bare :)

    anyway, really love these theyre so nice!

    1. haha, i did the same, i did the french tips, didn't notice how stained, then went to edit the pictures and went OH HOLY YELLOW NAILS haha. but i'd already done then and didn't want to redo them trying to get the yellow out so. And i agree! They look much better bare, plus i do them free hand and cleaning up after takes off the color underneath too so it makes it harder to do it that way, and if i use tape it ALWAYS pulls the base color off no matter what i do, so bare just makes it much easier.

      And thank you!


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