Friday, February 15, 2013

flip flop february day 15: stamping/jelly sandwich

Today for the challenge the theme is stamping or jelly sandwich.. and I decided on stamping. Mostly cause I have a set of plates that I pretty much never use, and I thought it would be a good idea to do just that cause otherwise.. they're kind of a waste so.  But anyways, click the link below to see what I came up with for today. 

I'm not too happy with this one. The stamping just wasn't working for me. I think I need more practice with it though too. It's not quite as easy as it seems.
First I started with a gradient of la colors bliss and wet n wild wild shine tickled pink and this part i did quite like. I used a fan brush to make the gradient and it was MUCH easier and less messy than a sponge. Next time I think I'll try with paints instead of polish though as the polish was drying too fast on the brush and making it hard to work with, but anyways.
I sort of like the way these two nails came out, but over than that... nope!
The pinky is okay too if the stamp would have transferred like it was suppose to. And I like the thumb a little too. But I realized trying to use the full image plates I have that my nails are just a tiny bit too wide, and a bit too long right now for them to work just right. Unless it's on my pinky, it would work for that. But, anyways. That's what I have for today! 


  1. I don't own any stamp plates yet and I'm pretty sure I'd have trouble with them if I did. They look messy to work with. This is beautiful though especially your gradient. Very interesting that you use a fan brush for it, I would of never guessed that.

    1. They aare a pain to work with, something that sounds so simple considering you don't have to make any of the art yourself, just stamp and go, but it's soooo much more complicated than it sounds, haha. I can do them with simple little images, but even the full nail images that I have that actually fit my nail, I can't ever line them up right.

      But thank you! And The fan brush was a new trick I learned, I'm thinking it probably works easier with paints instead of polish though.


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