Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Flip Flop February day 13: Watercolor/sponging

Today is day 13 in the challenge and the theme is watercolor or sponging, and I chose to do water color. I've never tried it before, that's mostly the reason for picking that one. But then I had another dilemma to decide one. Nail polish or acrylic paints for the look? So I got out my nail wheels and tried both options to see what worked best or gave me the look i thought i might want, and in the end, nail polish won that battle. But lets get on with the nails. Click the link below to see what I came up with for today.

so for this look I started with my base colors. Sinful colors snow me white on the ring finger and thumb and the rest are two coats of la colors sea siren I chose to only do accent nails for the watercolor cause even with the practice i did, I wasn't sure just how it would turn out.
then on the white I used dots of la colors bliss, sea siren, and an unnamed pink that's almost neon like. All I did was take a nail art brush, put a little of the color on it, then dip it in fingernail polish remover before dotting it onto the nail in random places. Then repeated the process with each color.
Overall, I'm pretty happy with how these turned out. Could have been better (maybe with practice? Hmm, we'll see.) but it also could have been much much worse for a first try. So they're pretty good if you ask me. 


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