Sunday, February 17, 2013

Flip Flop February day 17: delicate print/newspaper

Day 17  of the challenge today. It seems to be going by so fast! But today is delicate print, or newspaper. And I don't have any alcohol to transfer the newspaper to my nails or I would have went with that one, because I was completely stumped on what to do for a delicate print. I ended up trying free handed lace, which I'm not really completely happy with, and not even sure it looks much like lace, but I tried. So lets get on with the nails. Click the link below to see what I did for today.

 I used china glaze re-fresh mint for a base color and let that dry completely.

 then i used lack acrylic paint and the smallest nail art brush i have to paint on the lace pattern. Which I'm still not completely convinced looks like lace. Oh well.

I like that they're kinda easy and simple but still cute. But they could have been better done. (which is completely my own doing. Oh well.) maybe I'll have to give it another try one day and see what happens then. and I have no idea why my fingers look so red. I think the fact that I'm wearing a red shirt might have reflected a bit and had something to do with that? Who knows. Just pretend they're not. 

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