Monday, February 18, 2013

Flip Flop February day 18: Galaxy/rhinestones

today is day 18 of the challenge an calls for galaxy nails or rhinestones. I don't have rhinestones, and I looove galaxy nails. Also love doing them. They look so difficult to do, but all it takes is a little sponging and I love love love that. A little glitter and it all comes together. Amazing! But click the link below to see what I've done today. 

 I loove the way these came out. Much much better than yesterdays challenge attempt.
 I started with a base of sinful colors rain storm and topped the off with china glaze fairy dust to keep the tiny little glitters in it from over powering the look.

Once my base was completely dry I sponged on china glaze re-fresh mint la colors unnamed pink color, almost neon, and palm tree, and wet n wild mega last on a trip to make the spacey look of the nails. I wanted to do something a little different than the normal black back ground, which is why I chose rain storm for the base of this look. I topped the whole thing off with la colors sparkling diamonds and then with my top coat. I reallly love how this came out. I love the tad lighter look of it with out the pitch black back ground.
These pics may also be a bit blurry cause I was having SO MUCH TROUBLE getting good pictures of my right hand today. It was crazy how hard it was just to get the few I did. The ones I posts were about five out of 40 of JUST that one hand. 


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