Tuesday, February 26, 2013

flip flop february day 26: theme you missed/favorite polish

 day 26 is to do a theme you missed or your favorite polish. And I didn't miss any days, so I had to go with my favorite polish. but I couldn't leave it at just that, it needed to have a little something extra than just a colors, so I kinda sorta went with my favorite polish brand and now, see what I've did for today after clicking the link below

 first off I started with what has become my new favorite color. Two coats of la colors live which is just a nice silver, very metalic, almost foil like, polish. It's so pretty and covers completely in almost one coat, and the formula on it is amaaazing, it dries so fast too!
and because I have a lot of la colors, I used another of their colors palm tree and made some spots around the nail before using black acrylic paint to make those spots into a leopard pattern. I love la colors polishes, they have so many colors to pick from, such an awesome formula on them, and they're only $1! You can't beat that. I know there's probably better polishes out there, but for the price of this one, I just looove it. Why pay $10 on one bottle of polish when I can buy ten bottles of polish for the same price? 
All in all, I just love this look, the colors together are amazing, and the brand is awesome. Seriously, if you've never tried LA colors before, you should, it's just $1 so you wouldn't lose much if you didn't like them. 

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