Sunday, February 3, 2013

flip flop february day 3: Water marble/dry marble

so! Day three of the flip flop February Challenge, and day three is water marble/dry marble. I was going to do both. Or do a mix of diff marbling techniques I know of, but, that didn't really work out. As soon as I tried to do dry marble, everything just smudged together and scrapped off and blah. Probably should have let the base color dry better. Everything kept getting in my way and smudging my nails too, this always happens with water marbles, it's a huge mess for me. so we're just going to pretend that those bumps and smudges aren't there in the pictures, okay? Okay.

Also, There's no tutorial this time as I'm sure most of you know how to water marble, and if not, there's plenty of videos/tutorials for it so.

I'm not including pictures of my right hand this time either, it's the one i tried the dry marble on, and also i jabbed my nail with the toothpick while it was still in the water so.

I just did accent nails again too, to avoid a bigger mess than needed. Hate the mess of water marbling. And okay, I'll shush now, apparently I have LOTS to say about this one, haha. On to the nails!

we're ignoring the smudges on my middle finger.
First as usual, lets give a list of things used:
  • Sally Hansen in Envy
  • Sinful colors in cloud 9
  • Sinful colors in Happy Ending
  • LA colors rapid dry top coat
  • and obvs water, a bowl for the water, and i have a marbling/dotting tool that came with my brush set i used to swirl the colors but toothpicks also work

I like the way my thumb came out best. and again, we're ignoring those smudges. I kept bumping them trying to get the marble done, and got tired of redoing them, so I just gave up and left them. Water marble is really not my thing.


  1. I nominated you for a Liebster award!!

  2. I love your thumb but I really love your ring finger nail, too! Great job! :)


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