Saturday, February 2, 2013

Flip Flop February day 2: stained glass/accent nail + tutorial

Day 2 is stained glass/accent nail. I went ahead and chose to use both looks cause the stained glass look would take foreeever to do on all ten nails. So.

I've also tried to do another tutorial, hopefully you're all enjoying these, and I'm not just doing them for no reason. And again, since it's going to be image heavy, it's all under the link below

First off, the finished look
I love the look and how it turned out! When I first looked it up, I didn't think i'd be able to do it, but it was actually a lot easier to do than I thought it would be. It is time consuming though, so I chose to only do two nails on each hand. I also chose to do that because I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but I love the end result!

Items used
First things first, the list of things used:
  • China Glaze refresh mint is the base color
  • apple barrel acrylic paint set in primary colors
  • apple barrel candy pink acrylic paint
  • nail art brushes
  • la colors rapid dry top coat
  • sally hansen invisible which is just a clear polish, this is optional and any clear polish will do if you use that step.

two coats of china glaze refresh mint

First, we're gonna start off with two coats of our base color, along with cleaning up any mistakes you might have made. I prefer to clean up inbetween coats, it's easier for me, but feel free to go about that however you like.

After you're base color is dry, take a black acrylic paint (or a black polish, I prefer the paints lately myself, but whatever you have/like to use. either will work) and just make random lines and shapes. This doesn't have to be perfect as we're going to go back over it later.
When you've got the black lines down, then go in and fill in all the empty spaces you just created with the colors of your choice. Again, I used acrylic paint for mine, but polish will work too if you'd rather use that. Don't worry about getting out of the lines a little bit, we're going to fix that after the colors are down.

Once you have all your spaces filled in with colors, take your black paint or polish again and go over the black lines again, cover up any color that got out of line, and make the black lines darker and bolder to make the colors stand out. Once that's done, add a top coat, and you're done!

And because one of my promises for the next year was to show my right hand more often, here's that! It was actually easy to do even thought i'm right handed, which was a surprise. There's a few little mistakes on this hand, but it came out better than I thought it would still.


  1. I was also a little intimidated by this, but I found it pretty easy once I got started.

    Yours are lovely I especially like how you put more black on at the end to neaten them up. I should have done that lol

    1. thank you! And yes, all the tiny little spaces to fill in make it seem a little hard to do, but sooo much easier than it seemed.

      I;m going to have to have a look at yours! I'm sure they're just as awesome!

  2. I've given your blog an award :)


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