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Creations by Lynda cuticle oil review

Today I have a cuticle oil review for you from Creations by Lynda. This oil contains  Safflower Seed Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Sesame Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Soybean Oil, Aloe Vera Leaf Extract, Jojoba Seed Oil, and Vitamin E. 

The oil also comes in five different scents, plus an unscented for those that are sensitive to smells or fragrances. The one Lynda sent me for review is the Love Spell scent. And it smells AMAZING. Have you ever used body wash/lotion/body spray in the sweet pea scent? Because this is exactly what Love Spell smells like to me and thats one of my favorite lotion scents, so it was perfect for me! The smell is hard to get rid of once you open the bottle though, haha. It's a good scent, so it could definitely be worse, but if you don't like scents lingering for a long time after use, I'd suggest trying the unscented oil and skipping the scents. 

may 17th 2013
We'll get on to the review now. And let me just say, in that picture I was about to do my nails and had just wiped them down with Acetone to remove oils so the polish would stick better. They normally don't look that dry, at least not since I've been using my own cuticle oil. The staining is a pretty constant thing though. just ignore that. There probably won't be a huge difference in my cuticles/nails no matter how good her oil is because I've already gotten them about as good as they're going to look with my own oil. But I am testing to see if it keeps up the results I've had over the last few weeks. 

So for testing out this oil, I've been using it 3 times a day, when I wake up, sometime during the middle of my day, usually after dinner, and again before I go to bed. If it's a day I'm doing my nails, and acetone has been used, I'll use it a fourth time with after my nails are done to rehydrate all of the moisture the acetone sucked out of my fingers and cuticles. It's hard cutting back on number of times using oil a day, but I was trying to do so with the one I had been using as well because during the course of the first couple weeks of trying to get all the moisture needed back into my nails and cuticles, I got into the habit of using it several times a day, pretty much anytime I looked at it, haha. But that's not really needed anymore so it's a waste of oil, but ANYWAYS.

Taken Today!

They do look better from the first picture, but they would have looked the same had I not just wiped with with acetone in the first picture, haha. But that means that this oil has kept up the progress I had made with the oil I was already using so it IS an awesome oil. Since my nails weren't bad at all to start with, I can't say how it would do if your nails and cuticles are really dry and bad, but it should help even if only a little bit or it takes a while

And the smell is really good! Though I find the longer I've used it, the longer it stays on my skin and the taste is also there which is not a good taste. Not that I have my fingers in my mouth a lot, haha, but when eating or something like that I end up with the taste in my mouth as my hands touch my food and all. So if that might be a problem for you, or if smells bother you, allergic to fragrance, etc, she does offer an unscented oil as well.

Over all, good oil, does keep up with my one I made for myself, MUCH better than store bought oils. I've only ever tried one of those because they're so expensive, and it didn't do anything at all for me except for while it was just sitting on the skin, so yeah, never again. This oil isn't like that at all though, I even put a couple drops in my lotion I use cause it doesn't have a scent, and now it has a VERY light scent the same as the oil. Yaay. I love it so far, so I would definitely recommend getting this is you need a cuticle oil!

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