Monday, September 30, 2013

Creations by Lynda swatch and Review

Hi Y'all! I've got a review for you all today over some Creations By Lynda polishes! These are all some pretties and I love them all so much. (Bella is especially my favorite though even if some of the glitters in it gave me some troubles. More on that when I get to it though!) 

Another note, I got new photography table top lights to take my pictures with. I've been wanting them, and with winter coming up, and fall already here, And the bi-polar-ness of texas weather, I won't be able to tell if I'll always have sunlight to take pics in outside or not. And waiting for sunlight would suck. I finally had the money saved up on Amazon and went for these I bought. I think they did help a lot with lighting and coloring of the pictures, but I definitely still need to play a little bit to get everything just right. So if the pictures in this review aren't the best, sorry for that, but they'll hopefully improve as I figure out the best arrangements for the lights and everything. 

Another note? Sorry the labels aren't showing on the bottles in some of the shots, Lynda. I meant for at least the cat to show, and thought they were, until I was editing pictures. Sigh. 

ANYWAYS. On to the swatches now and enough of my rambling. 
**These polishes were sent to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review**

First up, we have Bella Which is a polish Lynda made inspired by one of her cats, (She has one for each of her 3 cats) and it's super pretty. It has light blue and gray glitters, Black Glitters, and black hearts ( I think they're black but they look somewhat dark brown too, my eyes are probably playing tricks on me though) And they're all in a white crelly base. Apparently my middle finger wanted ALL the glitter, haha. But up above I mentioned having a little trouble with this one, I worked out the issue but I'm including this anyways. The hearts were a pain to get out and on the nail. Keep in mind that shape glitters can be that way in general, AND that it also could have been the mini bottles making it worse. Lynda has said she has no problems with hers in the full size bottles, so I'm going to say this probably is more of a mini bottle issue than an actual issue, but it was worth mentioning I think. And plus as you see on the index finger, this polish it just as awesome without the hearts on the nail. This is two coats shown with no top coat.

This one is Midas's Mani which is a gold flake sort of glitter top coat. I thought it would so up better over the color I chose, so you can't really see it perfectly, but I actually like this better as it's a very subtle effect. I'm not a fan of gold in general, on anything, so if I had to pick a gold glitter polish to wear, it would probably be this one because of the subtle-ness of it. It's pretty that way. This went on very easy, no dabbing to get glitter to be spread out evenly or anything. This is just one coat shown over Sinful Shine VIP and no top coat. 
This one is PX-41 and it's my second favorite of the bunch that I got. Which, funny thing is, it actually gave me a bit of trouble too, haha. I wasn't aware that the large round glitters sinking was already a known issue with it so had to point it out to Lynda when I first tried swatching right after getting them. Turns out, it's not really that hard to mix them back in, just turn the bottle upside down for a few minutes and then shake like crazy. Getting them out in the mini bottle was still a pain though. But what can you do? This is a very pretty light purple Crelly base with black shard glitter and larger black dot glitters. It's really pretty, so pretty in fact, I'd say it's worth any trouble or hassle applying it might be. This is from Lynda's duo based on the Minions from Despicible Me. This is two coats shown with no top coat. 

This one is The Butler Did It From Lynda's Halloween collection based on the rocky horror picture show. I don't normally like the look of the shard glitters, in some things they go well and look good, but sometimes they just look odd. In this case though? I really love them a lot! It's a black and white shard glitter in a clear base. It applied like a dream, even glitter coverage in one stroke, no dabbing or fishing necessary, ( although the fact that the brush is black makes it hard to see the black glitters, and confused me a little at first.) This is one coat of The Butler Did It over Sinful Shine VIP with no top coat. 

Also, as a little bonus Lynda included her Holo top coat Rainbow In The Dark which is amazzing and so sparkly. Lots of awesome holo goodness in this top coat. My camera though? Didn't think it should be shared with the world so this is the best I could get of it. It went on amazingly well, even coverage in one stroke. This is one coat shown over Sinful Shine VIP with no top coat. 

What did you think of these polishes? Would you buy any of them? Let me know in the comments below! 

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