Thursday, September 26, 2013

NYC New York Color Swatch and Review post

So, I have some more swatches for you today! These were sent to me along with the Sally Hansen ones because they're owned by the same company and when I asked about getting Sally Hansen Samples, I was offered these as well. And I love them. These are my first NYC's in a long time. I wish there were places closer by that sold them around here. My Walgreens doesn't have them, and I always forget to check whenever we go to walmart. But anyways, to the swatches.

**These polishes were sent to me free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion**
The first one we have is Black Lace which is just your standard black cream, Nothing really special at all about it. We also have their Matte Me Crazy Mattifying top coat. Which is AMAZING. Here is two coats of Black Lace and One coat of the Matte Top Coat on the pinky and middle fingers. You can definitely tell a huge difference. I can only really compare it to the Klean Kolors one that I hve as I haven't used any other matte top coats, but this one is soo much better than Klean Kolors one. The one dries quick, really takes the shine away and matte's it out. I love it. I love the formulas on both the black and the top coat as well. They applied evenly and smooth without any effort at all. 

This one is their Sparkle effects top coat. It's listed on the website as Big City Dazzle but there's no name on the bottle, and according to the website, there's only one of these so the name of it isn't really needed unless they add more to the line. It's really pretty, probably better over other colors but I just threw it on over Black Lace. This is two coats on the ring and index fingers, and only one coat on the other nails to compare. I really like it a lot. It was also really easy to apply, went on smooth and the glitter covered evenly without any effort or dabbing where you wanted it to go. 

Last, but now least, we have Wing It Wine which is a coppery colored shimmer polish. It's more bronzing I suppose? I'm not sure how to describe the color, other than I have nothing like it in my collection so I was excited to see it in the package. Those cracks you see by the way, has nothing to do with the polish and everything to do with it not liking the glue base coat, or me being too impatient, I'm not sure which. This color is so pretty though and it went on smooth and even without any effort. This is two coats shown with no top coat. 

**These polishes were sent to me free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion**

What do you think of these polishes? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. OhhMyyyGodd! You JUST gave away the forbidden secret that has haunted me for a while! So THAT'S how some people are able to swatch so many things in 1 day. THE GLUE BASE COAT! I NEVER thought about this. *Bad blogger!*
    Thank you SO MUCH for this epiphany. I'm off to swatch a crap ton of stuff!

    1. LOL I'm actually pretty sure most blogger just endure the torture of a ton of remover/acetone and swatch like crazy. I hate removing glitter though so a glue basecoat is a must. And well, it def helps with swatching.


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