Friday, December 6, 2013

Let It Snow Challenge; Galaxies + Pictorial

Hi y'all! Today is the fourth day of the Let It Snow Winter Challenge and the theme for the day is Galaxy nails. I did them a little different than the norm though. A few months ago I seen someone do a tutorial on youtube I believe for galaxy nails that were all pink and purple instead of the usual black, purple, blue, etc, of normal galaxy nails and since then I've wanted to recreate them and just hadn't got the chance. Well, this challenge was perfect for it since it's one of the themes only.. pink doesn't really remind me of winter, so I used blues and teals instead and made my own version of it. I also have a little pictorial for it below. 

To start off as usual we're gonna grab all our supplies. Several different shades of blue and teal polish along with white acrylic paint (or polish if you prefer) and a glitter topper for the 'stars'

For this look, I used Wet N Wild Teal Slowly And Fall, and Listening To Blue Reed, LA Colors Seafoam, and Meadow and Sinful Colors Rainstorm Along with China Glaze Fairy Dust for my topper. Keep in mind you can use anything you have that are similar to these color, or use you're own color scheme altogether and forget about the blues. Use pinks, or purples, oranges, or yellows, whatever you like! 

1) I first started off with my base coat and then two coats of Teal Slowly And Fall and then I used a small piece of make up sponge and sponged on Rainstorm in random spots and shapes. Do however much you like, it just depends on how much of the base color you want to show. I would suggest always start sponging with you're darkest color first though. 

2) I then sponged on Listening To Blue Reed next to the darker blues and over the darker blue in some spots. 

3) Just keep sponging on the colors you're using until it looks the way you want it too. Here I've Added Meadow and Seafoam along with sponging my base color on in some spots where I thought it should show more than it did. You really can just keep adding the colors until you're happy with the look you have. 

4) Add you're glitter topper to smooth things out a little, blend all the colors together, and then using a small brush and acetone, clean up around the edges where the sponging got messy. 

5) For the last step, use a small paint brush, tooth pick, or dotting tool, which ever you're more comofortable using and add in some stars. One or two larger ones and some little dots for smaller ones. Use your white paint or polish for this part. Once that's dry, seal it all in and smooth it out with you're favorite top coat and you're done! 

Hope you all enjoyed both the nail art and the tutorial and hope you'll check out the rest of the themes for the challenge and everyone elses galaxy nails below! 


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