Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Polish Review

 Hi y'all! I haven't really been up to much or felt like doing much since my sweet little Foofy passed on. It's getting easier with each day though, I no longer wake up thinking 'oh, i have to get up, Foofy's going to be needing to pee and eat' which is exactly what I did the first several days. But no more of that, this isn't suppose to be a sad Foofy post. 

The point of this post is the polish in the picture. Sally hansen was super nice and sent me four of the new Triple Shine polish line they just came out with. I was actually going to grab a few more to throw in with this post while I was out over the weekend, but I seen the price and decided against it this time around. Maybe one day. 
This is the same shot as above but shows that before you can use this polish, the black square part of the cap pops off, revealing a normal polish top. These also have the flat wide brush like most of the other Sally Hansen polishes, but it's closest to the Insta-dri Brush. 

Now lets get to the swatches! 
**These polishes were sent to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review**
Sally Hansen Triple Shine Fanta-Sea 

The first shade we have is Fanta-Sea which is probably my favorite of the ones I was sent. All four shades I got are actually glitter toppers, but I just love the color of this one and think it has the most glitter pay off of the four I got to try. This one has lots of silver glitters in it with some slightly larger teal colored glitter mixed in. It's really pretty the way the colors blend together. It applied really even and smooth, and dried pretty fast as well. I had no problem whatsoever with these polishes. I'm not so sure about the 'triple shine' qualities though, it didn't seem any more shiny than any other polish to me. This is two coats shown over LA Colors Meadow with no top coat.

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Pearly Whites 

This one is called Pearly Whites and it's a flakie pearly colored glitter in a clear base. This one was slightly thicker when it applied so took a little longer to dry but otherwise, there were no problems at all. This one also had the least amount of glitter pay off of the four I had to try. If you like flakies, this is one you should grab, but other wise, I would skip it. I'm not really a fan of flakies myself as they don't stay down on the nail right. This is two coats over Sinful Colors Starfish with no top coat. 
Sally Hansen Triple Shine Sparks Fly 

 This one is called Sparks Fly and is also really similar to the next one, except in a different color. It has large silver hexes, with smaller silver hexes, and some that looks like a slightly charcoal/gray hex, and smaller blue glitters in a slightly blue tinted jelly base. I reallly love it, it's definitely still a topper, it would take 4+ coats of these to get it opaque on it's own. It applied evenly and easy though and had decent dry time. It does darken a base color slightly. This is two coats over Sally Hansen Xtreme wear Breezy Blue with no top coat. 

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Twinkled Pink 

 This is the last of the four I got to review and is very similar to the last polish. It's called Twinkled Pink and is large silver glitters with smaller silver glitters, and some slightly lighter colored glitters, I think they may be a light gray? and then there's lots of much smaller pink glitters all in a slightly pink tinted jelly base. Just like Sparks Fly it was super easy to apply, had good dry time, and when on even and smooth. This is two coats over Wet N Wild Tickled Pink with no top coat. And I just noticed the similar names, haha. 

I loved these polishes over all and would love to try some of the other colors there are, if I could just ever come across the money to justify spending that much for one. I'm cheap okay, I'll admit it. But hope you enjoyed these! Let me know what you think in the comments below! 


  1. They look like great colors! I haven't tried them yet but I really need to :)

  2. Hey Katherine, great Triple Shine review! I think you would enjoy our Sally Hansen Triple Shine Challenge. Your pics are awesome and would rock the competition. Take a look: www.preen.me/tripleshine


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