Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Collection from Lacquered Bliss Polish

Hi y'all! today I have the newest collection from Lacquered Bliss Polish to share with you all! The collection is based on famous paintings and painters and will be released in her shop on January 15th, but is available for pre-order today! So if you see anything you like, be sure to check it out! 

First up here is Desert Poppy which is a really pretty red shimmer. It actually looks much more true red on the nail in the pictures than it is in person, but the color it looks in the bottle is a lot closer to it's true color. This one gave me no problems at all with applying it, and it had full coverage in just two coats. This is two coats shown with no top coat. 

This one is La Joconde which is.. A color I have no idea how to describe. it kinda looks like wet sand color wise. I really like the color though, it's different. It's like a bronzy brown or like I said, it looks like wet sand. The shimmer and tiny little glitters in it only make it look even more like that. There's also some green and gold glitters in there. I really do love the color of this one, the glitter combinations as well. It's not like any other color I own or have ever seen. So definitely unique. This applied easily and was super fast drying. This is two coats shown with no top coat. 

This one is called Starry Night And it's a really pretty royal blue shimmer with a tiny bit of holo glitter and some larger silver glitters along with silver bars. This one was a bit more sheer than all the others and required 3 coats for full opaqueness, but the result was worth it I think. It's based on the painting 'Starry Night' which is where it also gets it's name, and in my opinion, it really does live up to the name and reminds me of a starry night. Actually, I'm tempted to use this as a base for a galaxy or storm nail. This is three coats shown with no top coat. 

This one is called Sunset On The Thames and is actually my favorite of the collection I think. (Other than the glitters anyways) It's a really pretty shimmer purple, with tiny little glitters that I'm not quite sure if they're pink or red, because in certain lights they look like they could be either one. This one applied even and easily just like all the rest of them. This is just two coats shown with no top coat. 

This one is called Blue Period and is a glitter topper with various blue glitters. There are definitely a good mix of different types of glitters in this one and all different shapes as well, big blue dot glitters included. There is also blue stars, along with silver hearts and butterflies. Let me just say, I LOVED the stars in this. Most polishes, or just plain loose star glitter, I've tried, the stars don't quite bend to the nail and the points curl up and get caught on EVERYTHING. This one, the stars were think and bent easy and went right down against the nail, no problem. This did require some fishing to get all the larger glitters, but I had a mini bottle and that's something to keep in mind as the large glitter are harder to get out of them. I really loved the look of these though, it's sort of chaotic, but for me? That's perfect, I love to have a lot going on on my nails. This is two coats over Sinful Colors Savage and two coats of top coat to smooth out the large glitters. 

 This one is called Rose Period and is also a glitter topper. The base in this one has a light pink tint to it though, which didn't change the base color much at all so unless you're putting it over white, that probably won't be noticeable. For this topper we have lots of glitter in there, tiny little silver ones, yellow/gold flowers, silver butterflies, gold bars, red bars, orange squares, orange hexes, yellow/gold hexes, red hexes, there's a lot in there. This one was slightly harder to get the glitters out of, a lot of fishing to get even the smaller glitter out, but they went on the nail easily once I had them. And the out come was worth it. Again, I had a mini bottle which makes things a little more difficult sometimes. This is two coats shown over Sinful Colors Starfish with two coats of top coat to smooth it out. 

And that's all I have today! Be sure to check out the Lacquered Bliss Polish facebook page which is linked up above, to find links to the shop and all of that. I hope you enjoyed the post and the pretties! Will you be grabbing any of these when they release? Or even during the pre-order? 


  1. What a lovely collection! Those are some great colors you swatched :)

  2. Grand Opening preorder link:

    Thanks girl! This is a fantastic review! ^_^


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