Tuesday, December 31, 2013

End of the year list!

So I thought it would be nice to put together a list of my favorite posts I've done this past year, with the year coming to an end and all. Sometimes it's fun to look back and see how you'd improved and everything over the year. I'm planning on this only being a list of ten. But we'll see what happens with that as I might not be able to narrow it down to just ten. 

The first one i'm picking is from back in February for the Flip Flop February Challenge and it was the fan brush theme. I really like the colors together and I love how it worked out. I've never gotten the fan brush mani to work for me again since then. And as you can tell, it was also back before I changed the name of the blog.

Second up is a mani I did in march as part of the 31 day challenge that I was still attempting and never actually finished. This was the theme was blue nails and I did an underwater type of scene with an octopus and fish and some seaweed. I really loved these a lot and oh man my nails were so short in these compared to now. 

This one is third and was also done in march as part of the 31 day challenge. This one was for yellow nails. I can see from looking through these how much my pictures have improved and even how my cuticle care has obviously improved. I'm kinda loving going back and looking through all of these. Anyways, this is the rose and stripe look I did for the yellow nails theme in the challenge. It's still one of my favorites I've ever done. 

The fourth one was originally posted in April as part of the Disney Nail Art Challenge and the theme was Bambi. For this look I did the skunk for the movie, Flower, as an accent along with flowers on the rest of the nails. This was the first time I ever attempted to paint a character on my nails and I was SO proud of how they came out. I still am actually. 

Fifth is one from May and was part of the 31 day challenge as well. The theme was animal print and to this day it's still one of my favorite leopard manis just for the color combination alone. I'd had to cut my nails done right before this though, and I really can't remember why. But I love these, nubs and all. 

Sixth is also one that was done on my short little nubby nails and was also posted in May originally as part of the Disney Nail Art Challenge. The theme for the day was Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast and they just turned out so perfect to match her! I think it was also one of my most popular posts from that challenge as well. 

Seventh are these Pirate nails from back in July. These came about after a text conversation where we decided we should be pirates, all we needed was a ship. That us women would be the captain and run the ship and any of the men that didn't like it would have to walk the plank and get ate by sharks. Yeah, we come up with some strange things sometimes. But I really liked these so I'm glad that conversation came about! 

Eighth are these crazy french tip and polka dot nails. They were posted back in August just for the fun of it. The idea popped in my head and I just loved them tons. If it weren't for the smeared green dot on the index finger they would have been perfect. 

Ninth are these bloody battered zombie nails that were posted back in October for Halloween. These were some of my favorite, I was so sad to take them off. They actually won me a contest on a facebook page as well, which I was super excited about because I never win contests or giveaways. 

And tenth, which is last, but certainly not least, I have these SAW nails, also from back in October for the Halloween holiday. I followed a tutorial by Robin Moses for Billy The Puppets little face and I just loved hos it came out so much. I just wish my top coat hadn't bubbled all over it and ruined it. Sigh. Oh well, what can you do, right? It didn't even look that bad in person. 

That's the end of my list! I had so much fun going through all the posts I've done in the last year and seeing how everything has changed and hopefully improved for the better. I definitely think I've gotten better at pictures, taking them, posing, cropping, etc, and my cuticle and hand care routine has for sure improved a ton as I'm always changing it and finding ways to make it better. At the beginning of this year, I hardly cared about any of that, now I can't go anywhere without a nail file, cuticle oil, and lotion. Hopefully my art skills have improved a little bit as well! Now to see how much and what improved within the next year! Happy New Years everyone, hope you have a good one and stay safe! 


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