Thursday, February 26, 2015

Creations by Lynda Hope Springs Eternal Collection!

 Hi ya'll! I've got some new polish to share with you all today! These are all from Creations by Lynda and will be released within the next few days! And I highly recommend you run and grab them as soon as you can if you're looking for some new spring polishes to add to your collection!! There are six polishs total in the collection, 4 creme colors, and 2 glitter toppers and I just LOOOVED all of them so much. 

 First is April Showers which is described by Lynda as a blueish gray with a hint of purple and a slight shimmer from spectraflare. To me it's a purply blue.. kind of a periwinkle maybe? A pale dusty periwinkle. The second photo below shows it closer to the color it is in person, but my camera was having a hard time deciding if it was purple or if it was blue. This is two easy coats shown with no top coat. Application was easy and it dried quick. There was a bit of pulling on the first coat.. but that could have just been me, or possibly the mini bottle brush. It evened itself out just fine on the second coat easily enough though, so no big deal at all. If it weren't for that, I almost could have gotten away with just one coat with these! Also, I promise the shimmer is there in person, but it's very subtle and my camera just refused to pick it up. (same goes with all of these colors!)

Pointer&ring finger; With Flying Colors. Middle finger: May Flowers.
 Glitter toppers shown over April Showers I'll be talking about these a little later. 
Next up we have By Any Other Name which Lyndy describes as a mauve/rose colors creme polish with a light shimmer from spectraflare.  I don't really get mauve from it at all in person, I don't know how to really describe it myself though. It's a pale pinkish purple? And again, the shimmer is there, and you can kinda actually see it in the picture below. It photographed quite a bit darker than it is in person, and it looks much more purple-ish. And I just noticed.. it's so shiny you can see my reflection in my nails! This is completely dry, two coats with no top coat by the way, so the polish was just that shiny on it's own. Application was the same as the first, a little streaky from the color pulling on the first coat, but evens out easy with a second coat. And still also could have been the mini brush, or me. 

Same as the first picture. May Flowers on the middle finger, the other fingers are With Flying Colors
Glitter Toppers over By Any Other Name
 This is the first one I did, and it was a bit cloudy the day I swatched it, so the pictures didn't turn out the best, sorry about that. This one is Greener On The Other Side and is decribed by Lynda as a light green/yellow with a slight shimmer from spectraflare. It's not exactly yellow at all to me, it's just a very light, pale dusty green. In the top picture, it looks a tad too dark, but in the bottom on, it looks a tad too light, so picture it just as a shade somewhere between them. I couldn't get my camera to catch it perfectly at all. There's also the spectraflare shimmer, and also a darker green shimmer in it, neither of which my camera picked up on, was kinda sad about that too as it was my favorite part of this one. This is just two coats with no top coat and the application was the same as the first two. 

 Now for the glitter toppers!! 

On the index and ring fingers: With Flying Colors which Lynda describes as a glitter mix with spectraflare, pink squares, gold hexes, and teal hexes and round glitters. Which is exactly what it is! And on the middle and pinky fingers is May Flowers which Lynda describes as a pastel glitter mixwith spectraflare featuring several shapes and sizes of glitter in various colors. It includes butterfly shapes, mini stars, several size hexes, and I believe there are some squares in there. These glitter toppers I loved a ton as well! Sooo cute. They applied evenly  and had a quick dry time just like the other polishes. This is just one coat plus a little fishing and poking around with a toothpick to get some of the larger and shaped glitters. The main ones I had problems with were the large teal dots, and the butterflies and stars. But it wasn't too big of a deal or hard at all to get a couple out, it might have even been the mini bottle causing the problem. 

Last one! But definitely not least, because this was my favorite in the bunch, it reminds me of one I had years ago, it was a Sally girl, and it was back when Sally's first introduced the Sally Girl line. It was a blue like this, called Surfs up, but a tad darker. It was my favorite ever and I wore it ALL THE TIME and this was before I was even into nail polish. But I could never find it again, so this one will become a replacement for that! Anyways, I just rambled was too much. This is In A Blue Moon and Lynda describes it as a bright robins egg blue with a bit of shimmer from spectra flare. This.. I wouldn't call Robins egg blue at all myself, Robins Egg blue has a touch more grayish tone to it to me. It's more of a very bright... ocean blue? Actually, the perfect way to decribe it? It's almost the exact shade my cousin had picked out for her wedding which was malibu blue. Very pretty shade! And again, the shimmer is there, but my camera hates. Application was the same as the others. This is two coats shown with top coat. And I don't have a picture of it with the toppers because I chose to wear it after and liked it as is without the glitters. 

Hope you all enjoyed these! Let me know what you thought in the comments below. 

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