Saturday, February 28, 2015

Sims Saturday: Stonewell 1.4!

 Hi y'all! I totally skipped out on posting an update on the legacy last week, that was my bad. I meant to. But I just never got around to it and next thing I knew it was Saturday and no post had been written. I also totally forgot to edit and set up any other posts for last week either though, I will try my best not to do that anymore! I love blogging and writting these updates, I just let time get away from me sometimes. Definitely think I need to start writing up some of these updates ahead of time too though. I'm so far ahead in game play than these updates, I'm about to send generation 3 off to college and start in on generation 4! Which i'm so excited about too! 

Last Time: we got to see the quads as children and they proved to be adorable! And smelly. And whiny. But what's to be excpected with how much they were ignore as toddlers and infants? They also had a bit of an obsession with the paranormal and the like. They think they're really decended from aliens! (And I don't know, they could be, I don't know Isaac's history) Indie tried to tickle everyone and they all hated it. Isaac took all the kids on an outing to the park, the house got some upgrades, and Esme grew into a teen. And I think that's about it. So now lets get into the next installment... 

 Indie starts us off with a win! Woot! 
 even more win! score!
 Sorry Esme... but that's not happening. But also... your wants and fears are conflicting. 
 study tiemz~
 Isaac whyyy. The bathtub is not for playing.. 

Hudson: I'm not in the MOOD! don't you see? 
Then stop complaining... 
 Gaming > bathing. 
She's hardcore. 
Or something like that. 
 Why yes... Isaac IS still having breakdowns at random. 
Indie: Look.. my husbands ass is picture worthy.. 
Uh Indie... now might not be the time.. 
Indie: What? just trying to take a mental picture for later.. 
yeaahh.. he's in the middle of a shrink visit but okay.. 
 Sterling: How are you done already? 
Hudson: I'm smarter than you... 
No really... his stakc of homework was from like the whole week, hers was just two and he was done first.. i don't get it.. 
 Sterling: I'll show my stinky brother who's smarter. I bet he can't beat me at chess.. 
Keep telling yourself that, bb. 
 proof the Peace still exists. 
 Pillow fight!!!
Remember this. It becomes a pretty big thing in this legacy. 
at least so far from what I've played. They love beating each other with pillows. 
 Everyone aged up!!!!!

We'll meet you at the dorms!! 

 And Skylar... 

I meant to bring all 5 kids along but apparently Esme and Hudsons grades were too bad so we'll age them up and visit back at the main house. 
 Maxwell: Uhh... can you move sis? I might hit you with these darts... 
Skylar: *stares into sim!goddesses soul* 
*shudders* creep.. 
 Remember raver girl from when Indie was here? Yeah yeah, she should be like a hundred years old now or something. 
 his first want was to write a term paper... go figure.. 
Redhead: uhh... can you move? I need to go.. 
 Redhead: So you're not related to the crazy girl cornering people in the bathroom right? 
Skylar: Thats my s- oh I mean... no I don't know her. 
 but they love each other aww. 
 So drama major she shall get. Even though I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with your lifetime want of becoming a professional party guest.. 
 and you shall have the physics major. 
 I sent Sterling out to hunt for potential spouses on the community lots. (mostly cause she wanted to go to a community lot) And look who was there! 
 this guys kinda cute. 
Sterling didn't think so though. 
 All she did was sing karaoke.. 
 And play with the bubble blower before she headed back to the dorms. 
The outing was a total fail other than to fill her want. 
 Apparently she likes the mascot.. 

 I thought they needed a dorm pet so I got them a chinchilla named Chinny Chin. 
Who they later set free before the wheel running kept Sterling from sleeping. 
Raver girl: Is he for real? 
Sadly.. probably yes. I don't know whats going on though. 
 Skylar's a lazy slob.... 
I think I'm not kidding. I don't know. But this is all she does. 

 Working on those skills for dem grades!! 
 I can't even remember now who built these... 
 Did I mention Sterling has grilled cheese as her secondary aspiration? 
Because this is all she ever wants to do. 
 Maxwell... that's one of your father's 3 lovers. I'm not kidding. Please stop. 
You two have the same taste I guess.. but stop.. 
 Annnnd back at home we have an angry adult Hudson.. 
 And angry adult Esme... 
They were both promptly moved out and turned into townies with Maxwell and Skylar to be forever immortal. 
 And Slacker wasn't an option the first day for Sterling so she took this in the mean time. 
 then celebrated with some more grilled cheese. 
Sooo how's it feel to be heir? 
Sterling: I don't know... but this grilled cheese is the best thing ever. 
You have no thoughts about being heir? 
Sterling: I'm not popping out litters of babies is all I'm saying... 
Litters? God I hope not. No more quads for a while. But there will be babies.. sorry bb. 

And I leave you here! Hope you all enjoyed this! Let me know what you thought in the comments below! 

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