Saturday, February 14, 2015

Sim Saturday: Stonewell 1.3!

 Hi y'all! It's time for another Sims Saturday! We're still doing this legacy style too! We're up to the forth updates, and to be quite honest, I think this is the longest I've kept up with any sort of special day on the blog so Wooo for milestones! Anyways, lets get to the update. 

Last time: Esme grew up, (or was that the time before last time? I don't even know.) And indie popped out an entire litter or babies by letting out his inner wolf. (Four of them. Four little screaming, crying, babies) Four little babies which aged into demanding toddlers. The house was impossible to keep clean, everyone complained a lot, and I'm pretty sure not a lot else happened. Except I left it on the quads birthday so I'm sure you're all dying to see how they grew up... So lets get to it!

 Sterling was up first. She grew up horribly. 
Sterling: Uh hiiii I stink. Please help. *waves arms* 
 Skylar was next and... you guessed it. She grew up horribly. 
Skylar: Oh yuck. This place stinks. *gags* 
Yeaaaah and guess what? Now that you guys are a little more self sufficent, you know you're helping clean up this place right? 
Skylar: Oh no way, bleh! 
 Maxwell was up next, and he still grew up horribly, but at least not complaining. 
 And last we have Hudson. 
Who thought the house was just so horrible that he'd rather grow up outside in the rain. 
He also grew up horribly though. 
And now we're on to the rest of the update~ 
 Yes... I built the house around a hole the dog dug in the yard. 
Yes.. I'm just now having someone fill it in. Things have been THAT chaotic around the house that they all refused to. 
 Hudson: so hey sis, do you think there are really aliens? 
Skylar: *Just pretend he's not saying anything maybe he'll go away.*
 The exterminator finally showed up! It took him 5 trips to get rid of all the vermin. 
Indie: Grawwwwr let me tickle you 
Hudson: oh BLEH! Don't touch me. Yuck! *minusminus* 
Yeaaaah, they're all constantly in horrible moods, I don't know. This is still hell. 
 Well.... considering you JUST got out of the carpool with Isaac... as in you came home from work with him... didn't you know what he did before that? Like... what even game. Make less sense, I dare you. 
 Working on those work skills. 
 That moment when you jump on the bed so hard your head goes through the ceiling... 
And this is why jumping on bunk beds is a horrible idea.
 Indie has horrible luck trying to play with his children... 
It might be cause he's always covered in hair when he tries it.. 
 Hudson: My sisters heads are in the ceiling... didn't they know jumping on the top bunk was a bad idea? 
 Hudson: See? Our heads don't go through the ceiling. 
I didn't realize metal object could just suddenly burst into flame. Sims logic though. 

 It was saturday so it was time for a fun family outing! I built this park for the 'hood, and was dying to put it to use. 

 The boys both wanted to go fishing, so I answered their wishes. 

 Isaac, do you even know that guy? 
Isaac: No.. 
Then.... maybe you should stop? You don't just push random strangers on the swings... 
Isaac: But it's fun... *plusplusplus* and we're becoming friends! 
okay. Carry on. 

 Fun day, huh? 
Sterling: BLEH!! I hate this place. What is it even? Who even likes swinging? BLE--
Yeah, just gonna move on now. I have no idea what she's throwing a tantrum over.. 
 At least someone is actually enjoying himself. 
Also.. Esme was there and I totally forgot about her and have no idea what she spent her time doing at all. Oops? 

 Everyone was hungry so I sent them all home and Isaac made them breakfast. 
We need to work on his cooking skills though, Cereal was the best thing he could make them. 
The house got a bit of an upgrade with the money that came in for that.. 
 Sterling was the first to take over the computer. 
 Indie was working on skills for work and enjoying the new couch and tv. Isaac just couldn't be more than two feet away from him. 
This is how they spend their time quite often. 
 That's an odd way to eat? I don't know. 
You won't be eating at that table for much longer though.. 
 Because the kitchen got an upgrade.. 
They ran out of money again before I could get wall paper. As usual. 
 Esme aged up and promptly threw a fit. 
Esme: Who are all these kids running around here. Whyyyy 
Because you're fathers part wolf.. 
 Esme: Oh god is that genetic? Is that gonna happen to me? Am I gonna have a whole litter of kids? What if I have even more? IMAGINE SIX OF THEM ALL RUNNING AROUND AT ONCE. 
You can stop worrying, you're not heir... you won't be having any kids on my watch because you'll be an immortal townies forever.. 
Esme: Oh.. Phew. Wait.... DOES THAT MEAN I'M NOT THE STAR? 
Nope. You've been demoted. 
 The first person to use the new kitchen almost burns it down.. 
Uh.. Esme? Wanna you know.. get your toaster pastries and stop stuffing your face? 
Esme: I won't be in this house much longer.. why do I care if it burns down? 
Just get your food please.. 
Though I hope you enjoy eating those blackened toaster pastries.. 
 He still needs charismas skill... 
 Working on the car a bit. 
Well that extra money should help turn things around a bit Isaac! 

And I leave it there! 

Hope you all are enjoying this legacy! Let me know what you thought in the comments below! 


  1. This family is so strange haha! Sterling looks really strange in those playground pictures by the way :P

  2. Rambles Of A Polish AddictFebruary 23, 2015 at 6:36 PM

    lol she's my evil looking little baby! and they are a bit strange.. I just go with it, haha.


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