Sunday, July 5, 2015

bornprettystore Stamping and studs!

Hi y'all! This is the second post for the day! and the last I promise! I don't wanna spam everyone too much! These are some more items I got to review from BornPrettyStore. There's a stamper, a stamping plate, and some studs including in this post. 

First up we'll do the studs. They come in a little jar and they have a mix of shapes in them. There are squares, circles, and a sort of tear drop shape? And there are also a variety of colors mixed in there. There's a pretty good amout of them to play with and they were easy enough to pick out the shape and color you want, I would probably separate them out if I had empty containers to put them into though. I had so much fun playing and trying to find a way to use them though. 

You can get them here and they cost about $2.86 for the little jar of them. 

Second up is the stamper I received. I was super excited about it being a squishy stamper being as how everyone always goes on and on about how GREAT they are. And let me tell you... if this is they're idea of a great easy to use stamper? I don't wanna know what a bad one is to them. I had SO MUCH trouble with it. I wouldn't get it to pick up the images. I prepped it in every single way I could find to prep it with out totally ruining it and still noting. It picks up images half way or not at all. I know it wasn't the plate itself either because my normal konad stamper picked up the image fine. I'm going to try one last thing to get it to work correctly before I write it off completely, but if that doesn't work? Then no. I don't recommend it unless you have experience with squishy stampers because I definitely can't figure this one out. 

It sells right here for $3.84 With the scraper included. 

Last up is the stamping plate I received! It's a "Music Themed" plate (It's actually Michael Jackson Themed, I picked it for the music note pattern and nothing else tbh)  with some pretty cute images on it.The plate worked great! The images are crisp and clear and pick up perfectly with my konad stamper. (And the few times I got the squishy stamper to work right) so I would definitely recommend this one if you're into the images on it! And it's super cheap as well! 

You can pick it up right here for just $0.99!  

Thanks for reading! 

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