Sunday, July 5, 2015

Late: 4th of July and bornprettystore review!

Hi y'all! I meant to get this up yesterday! Which means y'all get two blog posts today because I have another post I've been meaning to get up as well! These were some Fourth Of July nails I did using the press samples I received from Sally Hansen as well as some I received from Born Pretty Store! 

I used all three of the Sally Hansen Fourth Of July Shades for this. The Base is Vandal Eyes and I sponged on the other two Tag Ur It! And Quick Brick to make a sort of galaxy type effect with a coat of the Big Glitter Top Coat in Costume Glitters over that! 

Once that was dry I used some french tip guide stickers I received from Born Pretty Store to do the accent nail. I used a chevron shaped guide and used the detail brush I got from them as well to outline on each side of the guide. Then I used the same brush to fill in some extra details and add the dots. 

The guides were pretty easy to use! Just make sure the polish is SUPER DUPER Dry before placing the stickers. And I recommend sticking them on your skin and pulling them off a couple times before placing them over your polish as they're really sticky and that'll weaken it a little. Making it less likely to pull the polish off when you remove them. 

You can get the brush here
And the french tip guides I received is a variety pack which you can get here for $6.39

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