Monday, December 31, 2012

Top looks of 2012

Hey guys! Happy New Years! Since I posted my mani yesterday for the holiday, I thought I'd put together a little something today of my favorite looks i did this past year. I only started the blog in august though, so there's probably going to be quite a few that you've already seen recently. Next year hopefully we'll have much more to pick from.

Since there's going to be quite a few pictures to add here, we'll add them all after the link below. so click to see my favorite nails of the year!

This was one of the first manis I posted and the original post is here it was posts back on August 15, 2012, and only has 6 views :( I didn't have many readers back then apparently. but oh well.
Sims Mani to go with the theme of the blog - nail art and sims. so I put the two together.
This is from the first challenge I tried to do, and I almost had all of them done and my computer crashed and ate all the pics I had ready to go so I gave up. The original post is here and was posted on August 18, 2012. And this post has 30 views. It was actually one of my more popular posts at the time.
Black and white polka dots look. First thing I did with my dotting tools I had just gotten.
This was also part of the nail art challenge I tried. the original post is here and probably one of my favorite water marbles I've done. It was post on August 27, 2012, and has 22 views.
Water marble. One thing I'm not very good at doing.
This was another of my favorites from yet again, the challenge I tried. The original post is here and was posted September 5, 2012 and has 22 views. THat upsets me just a little that it didn't get more, this is probably one of my favorites I've done so far.
Zebra print is pretty much my favorite thing ever on ANY thing, including nails. And so easy to do.
This one is from the challenge as well. Last one I swear! The original post is here and was posted September 8, 2012 and only has 9 views. which again, it a little upsetting given that it's one of the best gradients I've ever done. I loved it so much.
Yellow and orange gradient with stamped accent nail.
This is the look I wore for my cousins wedding as I was a bridesmaid and wanted something on my nails, but nothing too crazy that stood out a ton. I love how simple it is. the original post is here and was posted September 17, 2012 and has only 4 views. sigh. apparently it wasn't too appealing to people.
Simple sheer shimmer pink with black and white flowers
This was the second challenge I decided to try, and then never got any further than this. But, Halloween is my favorite ever, only 'holiday' I really care about, and I looove scary movies. And these were my freddy Krueger/nightmare on elm street nails. the original post is here and was posted October 1, 2012 and has only 2 views. No one else was as excited as I was about these either I see. 
Halloween nails inspired by a horror movie. Nightmare on elm street was the classic of choice
These were from my series of Halloween looks too. Inspired by zombies and are one of my favorites from the week. the original post is here and was posted October 24, 2012 and has only 5 views. sad sad, I love the look.
Zombie nails! lots of sponged on green colors, and black as a dirt sponged on, and splattered with red for blood. the accent finger is just red crackle over refresh mint from china glaze
I wore these for quite some time after Halloween even, I loved them so much. Just a mix of different halloween inspired things. The original post is here, was posted on October 31, 2012 and has 24 views
Mummy, Black cat, Spider web, and green and orange dry water marble on the pinky.
And I think we're actually going to stop there! All of the rest are pretty recent and I'm sure you can all remember them :) Thanks for reading and checking out my looks of the year and I hope you all have an awesome and safe new years tonight, and heres to an awesome 2013!


  1. The nails you wore for the wedding were really classy and I had the same problem for my own wedding. Ended up just wearing a polish straight without any add ons which was a first in a long time for me lol! Loving the sims nail art, like you say its fab for your blog. :)

    1. ah, yes it's hard for occasions like that for those of use that are use to crazy nail art on our nails! But thank you! That one went well with the colors as well, as the bridesmaids wore black dresses, so the flowers were matchy for it haha. And thank you again with the sims look :) It was very fitting for the blog :)

  2. I love the yellow/orange gradient with the stamped accent nail!


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