Friday, February 8, 2013

Flip Flop February day 8: color blocking/black and white

Day 8 of the February flip flop challenge, todays theme is color blocking or black and white, and I chose color blocking for my challenge. It turned out MUCH better than yesterdays. At least looks like what it's suppose to anyways, haha. Anyways, on to the nails!

The purple paint on my thumb wasn't quite dry when I went to put top coat over it, and it smeared. :( Other than that? This mani was nearly perfect! And Again, I love the colors together. It was very similar to doing the stained glass nails, only for stained glass the blocks of color are smaller. 

For this look I used sinful colors snow me white for a base colors, and all the other colors used are acrylic paints. Very simple to do, just like the stained glass nails, just out line where you want your color blocks to go, fill in with the color using a brush or dotting tool, then go over the black lines, making them and the colors stand out more. Hope you liked todays look!

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