Saturday, February 9, 2013

Flip Flop February day 9: Abstract/Plastic wrap

Today is day 9 of the flip flop february challenge. Abstract or Plastic wrap. And I chose to do Plastic wrap. And apparently I really want winter to be over because I'm loving the bright pastel/spring type colors right now. But anyways, lets get on with the nails. lick the link below to see them

Not really sure these turned out as planned. I don't think my pinky was dry enough either, there's an empty spot there. Or maybe I blotted with the Saran Wrap one too many times. Either is possible I guess.

I think I like how my thumb came out best. Hmm. That still keeps happening.

I forgot to tag this pic, knew it, meant to open it back up just for that and.. closed photoshop so I didn't. But anyways. For this look I used LA colors Bliss for the base color, let that dry completely (At least I thought I had) and then painted on sinful colors Pull Over over that and then blotted it with wadded up plastic wrap while it was still wet. I like the color combo. Not sure so much on the look of the nails though.

Also, if you click on those to see them better. You'll see messy little details. Like the hair hanging off my ring finger. Let me just say, when you have a pet rabbit, there's rabbit hair EVERYWHERE and when you have wet nails and go to move something around.. well.. it's the perfect place for said rabbit hair to stick. But I'm leaving you here, until the next look tomorrow!

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